Falling in Love with Berets

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While the Fall is technically a few weeks away here in New York, it hasn't stopped me from preparing my wardrobe for it. Like a lot of other folks, the change from summer to fall is a welcomed and joyous experience for me. I feel elated to take long walks, feel the wind blowing in my hair while I'm wearing my light jacket with a hot coffee in hand. The only thing I don't like about it is that its not long enough.

One of my favorite go-to accessories is the beret. It's taken me a while but I finally I  a nice little collection of both vintage and modern berets in a variety of styles and colors but there is no beret I will say no to. Okay, maybe the one with safety pins stuck in it but otherwise I am a beret loving kinda gal. I think its is the quintessential 1960's accessory. That and sunglasses, which are also a huge part of my personal style.

Berets can be worn in all types of weather and I wear mine year round. Unless it is extremely hot or the outfit could do without it, I will wear one. What are your favorite go-to accessories?

Here are a few places I regularly shop for berets:

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