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You hear the words "authentic" and "be yourself" a lot especially on social media but what does that mean exactly? How can you share who you are and have that translate as being authentic? Its tricky business being this authentic self but is it? What you see on social media and what you learn when you meet the person can many times be two very different things.

If you want to have what you project come across as authentic then this is what you could try and do. Be honest with what you do and with what you love. That honesty will translate to being yourself simply because you just are who you are. Be sincere. Don't "fake it till you make it". Be truthful to yourself and reflect on your life daily. Yes, daily because these reflections will keep you progressing as a person and keep you honest with yourself. You can ask yourself things like, "Am I happy with what I am doing", "What are my goals and dreams?"

Be humble but unapologetic. Keep yourself grounded but pat yourself in the back for all the things you accomplish. Be proud of yourself for what you have, not critical. Walking the walk for me means that if I say I am something then I am going to try hard to live up to that something and be a good example not only for myself but for my friends and family.

I am not perfect but I am what I like to say, perfectly imperfect. I am in a continuous process and everyday I try to my best to be exactly who I was meant to be. How do you walk the walk?

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Retro Fashion Blog, JCrew Tees, Casual Fashion
Outfit: Jeans from Old Navy, Walking The Walk T-shirt from J Crew
Cardigan from the Gap, Crossbody Handbag from Kate Spade, 
Blue Beret from Beacon's Closet, and Green Sunglasses from The Color Factory

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  1. Ever changing... dont be afraid of change or changing opinions as you learn more, goals change too and priorities flexibility in life is key.

    1. I'm learning that..about being flexible or open to things. Thanks babes! xox


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