The 6 Lessons I Learned from Scrooge

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There have been so many adaptations of A Christmas Carol  (1843) since Charles Dickens first told his tale about Ebenezer Scrooge and his visits from the past, present, and future. There are a few I really enjoy but Scrooge (1970) is my favorite. Albert Finney is the perfect Scrooge and the story set to music and dance elevates the tale about redemption to a level that I has inspired me personally in a few ways.

With the upcoming new year upon us all I wanted to share with you the 6 lessons I learned by watching the movie Scrooge.

  • When an old friend visits you and warns you about something bad to come, you should heed their warning. Be grateful to have friends who would tell you the truth no matter how ugly it can be.
  • Misery ages you horribly. If you want to age the best you can, living your life filled with joy is the best moisturizer a girl can have. Poor Ebenezer went from handsome young man to balding, ugly old man. I think misery took its hold and its misery that you see every time you look at his face. Trust me, smiling can do wonders to brighten up your face. Best accessory you can have.
  • Forgetting the mistakes and triumphs of your past can alter the way you enter your present. Ebenezer decides to pretend that his old boyhood school days, his little sister, and the love of his fiancé never existed. People think if you pretend something isn't there then it really isn't but the truth is that if you pretend you don't know who you were then you will never get to know who you really are. I told you some of these lessons from this film are far-out deep. 
  • Ebenezer decides to cut off all his ties to his past and so in the present he has absolutely no sense of awareness. He lacks the basic understanding that as human being we are all connected to one another. That as one lives we live more fully with connections and relationships with each other. Ebenezer had no grasp of that connection that we all yearn so much for and really keeps us flourishing as human beings.
  • "I like life , Life likes me , Life and I fairly fully agree" The Ghost of Christmas Present starts to sing this song to Ebenezer and its the first time we see his face light up with joy. I guess it doesn't help that he drank some sort of elixir that creates instant happiness when drunk. But the words they sing together resinates strongly with me. I LIKE LIFE. Like it despite its ups and downs, despite its annoying challenges. Like life and be in the moment. Take that moment and find good in it even if it seems impossible.
  • My very favorite song in all the movie is called Thank You Very Much. Being thankful is something we all try to do and remember to do and many times we fail to remember. We get caught up in the drama that life has dealt or perhaps find ourselves too distracted but being grateful for what we have and where we are is something this song reminds me of every time I hear it.

If you haven't had the chance to watch this version of A Christmas Carol I highly recommend it. Everything in the film is on point and the songs will have you tapping your feet. Best of all there are so many worthy lessons to be learned. 

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