Did You Know? 8 Facts About Your Favorite Old Hollywood Actresses

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First row from left to right:

Mary Pickford made $10,000 a week at the height of her career.
Marilyn Monroe's old roommate was Shelly Winters.
Katherine Hepburn "affair" with Spencer Tracy lasted 27 years.
Joan Crawford had a face full of freckles. 
When she wasn't doing her Hollywood work she simply wore lipstick and 
a little powder so her freckles were visible during her downtime. 

Second row from left to right:

Greta Garbo rarely gave interviews, avoided industry social functions, 
and never signed autographs or answered fan mail. 
Judy Garland had a close relationship with John F. Kennedy and before they 
would hang up the phone with each other she would often sing to him "Over the Rainbow".
Vivien Leigh had a near-photographic memory. 
She knew all her lines after only one or two readings of a play.
Grace Kelly had a naughty sense of humor and would enjoy 
lengthy banters with David Niven when he would visit the palace.

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