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Remaining strong under challenging circumstances can take a toll on anyone. We all deal and manage our struggles in different ways. The key is to face them and remain strong.

When I think back on all the things I have already accomplished I am honestly left in awe because I cannot believe that I despite the pain I kept going. These days I think its invaluable for me personally to look back and take notice of my accomplishments because of two reasons; (1) I tend not to acknowledge or make a big deal of anything I do (2) walking has become more painful this past year.

I think in reflecting on all the good done for oneself can help remind us that we have been strong. Because of that  you can remain strong even if things have gotten a little bit harder.

What I have is called CMT, Charot-Marie-Tooth Disease and they are a few types. The type I have affects the peripheral (main) nerves down my arms and legs affected my hands and feet the most. Our nerves conduct our muscles and if you have weak nerves like me then you will have very week hands and feet. Your body is an amazing thing because to make up for these weaknesses other parts of your body do extra work like my hips, thighs, knees, and forearms have.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blogger, Blogger with Disability, CMT, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, CMT Warrior, CMT Warrior Tshirts, CMT Awareness, Retro Tees, Retro Blogger, CMT Strong, I Am CMT Strong

Having CMT comes with a slew of challenges for example, surgeries, wearing plastic leg braces daily, difficulties with my hands, inability to run, difficulties going up stairs, walking, and standing, poor balance, and my least favorite of all, chronic fatigue. Once the fatigue comes it tells your body to shut down and rest right now. Imagine that and having to tend to three young children everyday. It honestly drives me nuts because I wish I could just tell my body to keep going but unfortunate it won't listen to that. It is what it is.

I firmly believe that life is about choices and you have to make the choice to remain strong. Its okay to complain and its okay to feel frustrated and even angry. But getting through the day means you have to choose to kick some butt. So everyday I choose to get up, get dressed, and get going. Some days are kind to me and others are rough. I work hard at finding the joy and positives in my day because I choose to not be miserable about my circumstances.

Being CMT Strong means so many things to me. It means accepting your body for what it can't and can do. It means that every year that I go through physical changes also means that every year I have to reevaluate how I choose to deal with them. It means educating my loved ones often on my challenges. It means allowing myself to be scared, weak, and dependent on others. It means sharing with others my pain and with that finding constant humility. And it also means finding pride in daily accomplishments and finding joy in the small moments.

I am CMT Strong and I am hear to share my journey with all of you when I can along with my long standing passion with vintage. If you would like to spread CMT awareness you can find t-shirts and accessories here at CMT Warrior. The tee I am wearing is very comfortable and it comes in all sorts of designs. I chose this one because of the Rosie the Riveter inspired imagery and the positive message it has. You can also find CMT Warrior here on their Instagram.

                                  **This post was Sponsored by CMT Warrior: All my opinions are my own.**

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  1. You are a wonderful inspiration and its great you are helping to create awareness of CMT. On my bad days you are in my thoughts and help me push myself up and out into the world. X

    1. Oh hun, thank you for this! Love you so much! xox

  2. I love all that you do to create awareness about CMT.


    1. Thank you Janey!! I really appreciate this!! xox


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