Be Inspired: What 44 Looks Like

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This is what being 44 looks like. This is what being true to yourself looks like. Being yourself means embracing all the parts of you. Excepting all the things that make you who you are is what makes you truly authentic. Social media talks a lot about being authentic. Most of the people I’ve heard speak about this message of authenticity tend to wrap up the message with a cookie cutter bow. And the message gets packaged in the same wrapping paper. 

I’ve been told a lot of different things in my almost 9 years of blogging. I’ve been told that I should hang out only with other moms. I’ve been told that my following will never grow. I’ve been told that I’m too old for people to relate to. And in some cases I’ve even been encourage to give up on my passions and dreams entirely. 

That kind of negativity that people spew out to you never ends. I’ve had people belittle me, put me down, and try to shove me in a corner my whole life. But there’s an amazing thing that kept happening every time they tried to stifle my voice. I kept going. I kept moving. I kept trying. I kept learning. I kept moving forward and even though there were times where my light was dimmed a little because I was starting to believe in the ugly the people told me, my light was always shining. 

So here I am. I’m 44 years old, plus size, physically disabled, mother of three children. All of these things I have just listed to you are things that others have tried to use to put me down and quiet my voice. But I love all of these things about me. I like who I am. I am a work in progress. I’m thankful to be 44 today.

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  1. Bravo!!! I love this message!



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