The Twilight Zone Inspiration: What You Need

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When we think of the holidays many of us may think about the gifts we plan to give or to receive. The lists are written and checked and rechecked to make sure we haven't forgotten anything. But something we might forget is sometimes is when we get things that we need without realizing that we need it. One such story can be found in the episode of The Twilight Zone called, "What You Need".  Ironically it aired on December 25, 1959 and it was the twelfth episode in Season One. It starred Steve Cochran as Fred Renard and Ernest Truex as Pedott, a peddler. 

The episode is simple, a meek old man approaches strangers and gifts them things they may need because he has the uncanny ability to to gift people what they need before they need it. But things then go wrong when Renard keeps asking the peddler for more items that he may need. Time and again Renard is saved from whatever item the peddler gave him (or that he takes) until it backfires on him permanently. Renard wants to take more than the peddler is willing to give and in the end although he gets what he needs, he pays the ultimate price for his greed.

We may not be able to see into the future like the peddler does but what if we were able to give ourselves and others what they needed instead of what they may want? For the holidays, the new year to come, or just any day, maybe we can give more of what is needed. For example, we could reach out and call someone we haven't spoken to in a while, we can text a friend "hello", mail a birthday card to loved one, or even just simply comment on their photo letting them know how fantastic it was. What if we pampered ourselves more by doing a face mask, painting our nails, or watching a nice movie? Giving ourselves and others around us the little things that we may need can really uplift our spirits and theirs as well. We can't go out and do the usual things we did to support others or to tend to our own well beings but there are so many other ways we can help each other along these challenging journeys we are all on. 

So next time you give think about what you may want, think about what the peddler might give you if you saw him. And ask yourself, what do I really need? 

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