A Vintage Nerd Book Club: Old Hollywood Father's Day Edition

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Father's Day is a day where we get to tell our dad how much we appreciate them. We think about the fathers we had or wished we had and the memories that come with that. Father's Day has always been extra special for me because my father raised me after my mother passed away. Being a single father wasn't easy for him but we got through the tough times and remain close. I talk to him every single day and I always feel grateful for having such a good father by my side.

When it comes to Old Hollywood I found that children of stars usually write more about their famous mothers than their famous fathers. I don't know why this is but I think fathers play just as an important role in a childs life as a mother does. 

I did manage to find a few really good biographies of some Old Hollywood dads including Rod Serling. John Wayne, Vincent Price, and Cary Grant. Have you read any of these?

As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling by Anne Serling

Glenn Ford: A Life by Peter Ford

My Father's Daughter A Memoir by Tina Sinatra 

John Wayne, My Father by Aissa Wayne

Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography by Victoria Price 

Bogart: In Search of My Father by Stephen Humphrey Bogart

Lou's on First: Tragic Life of Hollywood's Greatest Clown Warmly Recounted by his Youngest Child by Chris Costello

Good Stuff: A Reminisce of My Father, Cary Grant  by Jennifer Grant

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