Old Hollywood Stars Yearbook Photos

Jane Fonda 1955

When my daughter received her yearbook it brought back so many memories of when I received mine. We  decided to look through it together and see how many times we could find her in a photo. It's such a fun and nostalgic thing to do. 

There's something special about finishing a part of your education and being able to look back at the photos of yourself frozen in time. I started to wonder about how many Old Hollywood stars yearbook pictures were out there. I have to say they were really hard to find and the photos aren't of the best quality but I managed to find a few. Its so neat to be able to see the actors and actresses that we all admire from classic films in their younger years in their yearbook pictures.

Do you still have your yearbooks from your school years? Which of these yearbook photos are your favorites? I think my two favorites are that of Sally Field and Pam Grier. There's just something extra cute about their 1960's hairstyles.

John Wayne 1929
Betty White 1930's
Cicely Tyson 1944
Clint Eastwood in 1949
Robert Redford 1954
Burt Reynolds 1954
Jack Nicholson 1950's
Sally Field 1964
Pam Grier 1960's
Goldie Hawn 1963

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