1970's Far Out Slang Words

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Slang has a way of making it into our everyday vocabulary and staying there for years to come. There are slang words from the 1950's and 1960's that many of still use today even though we weren't even born during those decades. Words like cool, groovy, dig, or flake snuck into our vocabularies and ver left.

The 1970's gave us a heap of slang words that still are used and have no plans of ever leaving. I, myself use words like bummer, chill, funky and snaps.

Here are a slew of 1970's slang words that you will find to be radical and leave you stoked to use on your friends and family:

aww sooky sooky: aww yeah, baby

bogart: to be greedy; keeping something for yourself that's meant to be shared 

bomb: cool in a hip or awesome way

boogie: dance

boogie down: to dance very enthusiastically

book it: to quickly run away

buggin' outfreaking out

bummertoo bad 

can you dig it?asking someone if they understand or agree 

catch my drift?: asking if someone understands your meaning

catch you on the flip side: see you later

check ya latersee or talk to you later

chill: relax

chillaxin': chilling and relaxing

close the shades: shut up

closet disco queen: one who dances at home where no one can see but not in public

crib: apartment or home; place of residence

do me a solidhelp me; do a favor

don't be a bunny: don't be stupid

do you copy?: asking if a person understands your meaning

dork: nerd

down with: okay with

dream onresponse to someone who's being unrealistic

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog, 1970s Slang, Exploring the 1970s, Everyday Vintage Living

fake me out: trick me

far out: very cool in a weird way

flat leaver: ditch someone to hang out with someone cooler

flower powerchoosing peace over war

foxy mama: a sexy lady

freaky deaky: odd; something that's very strange

freak out: become frightened; be bothered by something 

funky: cool in an eccentric way

get your groove onto dance

gimme some skin: low five

going around: dating

good vibes: positive energy

groovy: cool in a hip way

jive-talking: foolish chatter; saying things that aren't true that don't really expect anyone to believe

jive turkey: one who tries (unsuccessfully) to be cool 

keep on steppin': keep it moving; get out of here

later days: goodbye; farewell

lowdown: the truth; an overview of facts

mind your potatoesmind your own business

my man, my man: hello, friend; general greeting for a male friend

                                          • A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog, 1970s Slang, Exploring the 1970s, Everyday Vintage Living
                                          • out of sightvery cool in an impressive way 
                                          • pad: where someone lives 
                                          • peace, love, and granola: goodbye and positive wishes
                                          • peace out:  heading out; I'm leaving
                                          • radical: cool in an awesome way
                                          • right on: yes; I agree
                                          • rip off: lesser value than expected; poor quality; waste of money
                                          • say, brotha':  friendly greeting for a male friend
                                          • sound as a pound: all is well; everything's fine
                                          • snaps: my bad
                                          • space cadet: airhead, goofy person
                                          • spaz: klutzy person; someone who is acting silly
                                          • stellar: cool in an incredible or awesome way
                                          • stoked: excited; thrilled
                                          • stone fox: a woman who's really hot
                                          • take a chill pill: calm down
                                          • the flip side: See you later
                                            1. the man: law enforcement or establishment authority figures
                                            2. the skinny: the whole truth; the real story
                                            3. threads: clothes; apparel
                                            4. to the max: take something to the extreme
                                          • trippin': acting crazy
                                          • wally wally, blood and dolly: you're crazy about someone in an unhealthy way

                                            what's crackin': general greeting, like asking someone what's going on

                                          • what a nightmare: something is very wrong or difficult
                                          • what it is: hey, hi; asking what's up
                                          • what's your 20?: tell me where you are
                                          • you ain't just a woofin': asking if someone really means what they're saying
                                          • youngblood: a young man; boy

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