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They say spring is the season of change. The grass gets greener, the weather gets warmer, the flowers bloom, and we shed our coats for lighter outerwear like cardigans and jackets. This spring I've been reflecting even more than ever. I'm a reflective person by nature. Journaling used to be my outlet for many years until I moved into the blogging format. Although my blog is not a lifestyle one I do like to share bits and pieces of inspiration when I can.

One of the things about life that you can count on is that it will always change. Nothing ever stays the same. Reflecting has been a way for me to work through the changes and figure them out as they are happening. But sometimes so much change can come at you all at once that it is near to impossible to figure any of it out. Understanding it all becomes like trying to solve a large puzzle.  I think the last two times I faces so many changes in my life was probably my teen/young adult years which I think everyone goes through and when I became a mother of three which happened in the span of four years during my early thirties.

Now that I am in my late 40's and just a few steps away from entering my 50's I have been wondering a lot about things I haven't wondered about in a long time. Like who am I after all this life has been lived, can I still dream big and make them come true, how do I fit into this world, and what kind of woman will I be as my children get older. Not only do I have philosophical questions swimming around in my noggin but I have a body that is undergoing changes both because of my disability and just being a woman. 

And as all this hits me all the time, all at once-every single day the only thing I know for sure is that I cannot stop the change. I'm being pushed forward into the next day even though I am still trying to figure out all the other days that already passed by. I have no choice but to sit still with myself as much as I can and let time ease the pain, stress, worry, and exhaustion that has come from all this change. 

I'm being reminded again at this phase of my life that I cannot stop any of this from happening so I should just try to be patient and see where it will lead me. This isn't my usual approach to life. My usual approach to is to ask questions, reflect, and discern my answers for myself. But sometimes when life is hitting you with all sorts of things the best thing you can do for yourself is to be still, be patient, and be open to the world around you because I do believe all the answers we are searching for are already inside of us. We just need to remind ourselves sometimes to be patient.

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