Guide to Making Travel Easier

This February I visited one of my besties for a few days in Florida. I was able to spend much needed time with her as well as spend time with my brother who moved there a few years ago. I haven't traveled on my own since my last visit to England in 2016. I didn't know how it was going to be. I was a bit worried because of all the horrible flight videos I saw on social media. My anxiety went through the roof. I don't have anxiety for normal day-to-day life but when it comes to living with my disability, I do.

I try and learn from the things that worked and the things that didn't from any trip I take whether it is a day trip, a few days, or more than a few days. I also take into account who I am traveling with, how long I am staying, the budget I have, the weather, and what activities I am planning to do.

Here are some tips to help make traveling a little bit easier for you especially if you have a physical disability or are traveling with children:

  • Do a lot of research: find the best prices for your budget, make a list of the things you want to do, find out what time things open and close, find places to eat that you or your family would like, etc. Write it all down somewhere. It will help you on your trip tremendously.
  • Add apps to your phone: Add apps to your phone that would aid you on your trip. Add maps, translation, or museum apps. Why not use the technology that you have to help you.
  • Traveling internationally: Get the best price for you cash when you exchange it, get a debit card you can use in lieu of cash, get a SIM card for your phones for the country you are in, and get a international power adaptor. 
  • Wheelchair access: Contact the airport and airlines that you are using and get your hands on a wheelchair. If you have challenges with walking like I do or other health issues, use this service. It will help immensely. 
  • Pack smart: Take into account the weather, what activities you are doing, and how long you are staying. Pack what you need and maybe one extra of everything. I personally don't like to buy something that I could take with me because I don't like to waste time or money shopping for what I could have taken from home. Pick a color palette for your outfits so that you can interchange pieces easily and pack less. Keep some space in your luggage for items you purchased on your trip.
  • Essential pieces: Pick a cross body handbag and a light jacket that could go with all the outfits you plan to wear. I prefer a cross body bag because you can keep it in front of you--just make sure it has zippers.
  • Bring what you really need: If you need a rollator or a cane, put your pride aside and take it with you. You might need these walking aids and you should take any risks with your health or well-being. 
  • Plan carefully but be open to adventure: Find something to everyone to enjoy but be open to discovering new things. 

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