Saying Farewell to Dvd Netflix

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After 25 years Dvd Netflix came to an end on September 29, 2023. I was able to enjoy this service for over ten years and discover films I never heard of before. Many of those films I was able to share on here for reviews. I spent the summer devouring all the dvds I could before the service came to an end and I can't wait to share the films I discovered with you on here. When I received my final dvds in the mail it made me realize that I had been renting movies for over 3o years. I first started renting movies in small privately owned shops and then moved onto Blockbuster which I frequented a lot back in the 90's. And when Dvd Netflix came out as a service it gave me the luxury of having new movies sent to me in the mail. It all was magical while it lasted. How you do find new movies to watch? Did you use Dvd Netflix?

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