Classic Holiday Films Edition of What Would You Do?

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I hope you enjoyed my Classic Films of 1939 Edition of What Would You Do! Today, I bring you some well loved holiday films and ask yourself....what would you do?
In the film Christmas in Connecticut, Barbara Stanwyck's character, Elizabeth Lane is a writer for a magazine. Her articles are all about the domestic life; cooking, cleaning, tending to a baby, and oodles more. She later gets news that her editor wants her to host a special Christmas dinner for a soldier and show him an old fashioned Christmas.

Halarity ensues when she poses as a wife and a mother (with borrowed babies in tow) and pretends to play the part of a domestic goddess not only to the solider but to her editor as well. One look at the solider and Elizabeth is smitten...

What Would You Do?

Would you have risked your job and writing career (not to mention that new fur coat you bought) by telling your editor the truth that your image is all a farce? Would you have said "yes" to getting married to a man just to save your career? Or perhaps have told the solider the minute you saw him that you aren't really married but that you think he is sooo swoon worthy and dreamy and you want to skip all the drama and run off to the sunset with him?
In the spectacularly classic film, It's a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart brings to life the journey of one George Bailey. George has some money missing for the savings and loans funds and is told by Mr. Potter that he worth more dead than alive. That is the jist of it but really this film is one heck of an epic story!

George is shown by an angel named Clarence what life would have been life if he was never alive. George sees how important his life was and in the end is saved by the town he so loved and helps an angel get his wings.

What Would You Do?

Would you have jumped off a bridge to bring money to your family? Would you have ran around town saying "Merry Christmas" like some loon who had too many Christmas drinks at Martini's Bar? Would you have sang "Auld Lang Syne" with the folks from your town after you have been basically given a second chance at life or started singing some hymn from Church in order to say thanks to God for that blessing? Would you have really just winked and said, "Atta boy, Clarence" or would you have just screamed out loud, "Angels DO exist!!!". Gee, I guess if you did that they would have locked up for sure and poor ole George already went through enough that day!
In Miracle on 34th Street, we have two characters who have become cynical about the mysteries of life. One who is jaded by a husband who left her and another who is influenced directly from that jaded person.

Here we have Doris and Susan Walker who go about their daily lives not believing in Santa. That is til a noisy neighbor named Fred and a special old man named Kris come into their lives and challenge their belief in magic in every way possible.

What Would You Do?

Would you listen to your mommy and not believe in fairy tales? Would you really let your daughter hang out with a single man who you do NOT know in his apartment? Just saying, geesh how times have changed hehe Would you have not given Kris the benefit of the doubt and at least think he was a sweet crazy old man? Or would you have believed him right away that he was Santa? Would you have asked Santa for a real house or a doll house? Really now, what sort of little girl asks for a real house?? Oh, I guess a really, really clever one?!
White Christmas has a lot of "What would you do?" moments. It all starts out with a bunch of fellas fighting for freedom in World War II. One fella named Davis saves another fella named Wallace and a musical two man show is created!

From there the boys become household names and they garner the attention of a sister act. They are the sisters of another solider they fought with in the war and see them perform as a favor to him.

Before you know it they are singing in drag and taking a train to Vermont where they discover their old Major General making an attempt to run an Inn. There's lots of singing and dancing and a few lies here and there but in the end there are loads of kisses and loads of snow just in time for Christmas.

What Would You Do?

Would you have really used your injury to manipulate another person to create a song and dance team? Would you have dressed in drag and performed in front of a live audience just to save two ladies you barely know from getting in trouble with their landlord? Would you have taken the train to Vermont on a whim because of some cutie smiling back at you? Would you have lied to your sister just so she could let up a little and let you fly the coup? Lastly, would you have eaves dropped on a conversation and just up and left your sister and potential beau WITHOUT getting the proper information beforehand? Just shows you one must not ever assume and ask before you leave a nice old Vermont Inn to go sing in some fabulous black gown with some hot guys in a club in somewhere town, USA!


  1. So, I've already watched White Christmas and Miracle on 34th, I'm thinking I'd like to see Christmas in Connecticut. Haven't seen this one yet:) Wonderful post dear Bunny.

    1. Glad you liked it Joanna! Def watch Christmas in Ct-so endearing and I love Sydney Greenstreet-he is in the film too! xox

  2. I love that you're doing these sorts of posts!

    Christmas in Connecticut is one of my most favorite Christmas movies (I actually just finished watching it about 20 minutes ago). I have no idea what I would have done in her case, although I'd like to think I would have been much more truthful from the start...of course, is she had done that there wouldn't have been a movie, haha. :)

    1. Hahah omg so true-I thought of that to hehe I am so glad you like it yay! I will be doing more for sure! xox

  3. hahahha, very funny post. I haven't see Christmas in Connecticut. I will HAVE to, it sounds GREAT and I love Stanwyck. (Ball of Fire YES!). I didn't see the movie, but I bet if she's a good enough writer, she can have her man AND her job. Wait, this was the late 30s early 40s you say, maybe not...LOL

  4. What a terrific holiday movie post. I know one thing that I definitely would have done (if I was an actress on set) - kept as many of the costumes and outfits that the sisters wear in White Christmas as possible! They've always taken my breath away! :)

    ♥ Jessica



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