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Old Hollywood Uncovered: Real Names

May 28, 2020 0
Ever wondered if the stars from yesterday were really born with names like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, James Cagney, Car...

A Vintage Nerd Recreates: Bonnie and Clyde (1967): Bonnie Parker

May 23, 2020 2
The story of Bonnie and Clyde is legendary. They have been portrayed in films, tv shows, and episodes within tv shows. They lived h...

Old Hollywood Uncovered: At Home

May 18, 2020 0
Many of us are spending more time at home than we usually do these days. And that's okay. There are so many things you can catch ...

Be Inspired: I am not ⓟⓔⓡⓕⓔⓒⓣ

May 14, 2020 6
I can easily list the ways I am not perfect. Sometimes I get cranky. Three pregnancies in four years has altered my body. My disabi...

AVN Book Club: Old Hollywood Mother's Day Edition

May 07, 2020 0
Mother's Day has us all thinking about our mothers or those who were like mothers to us. It has us reflecting about them, missing t...

Vintage Spring Fashion Inspiration

May 04, 2020 2
Spring is in the air here in New York despite the current circumstances at the moment. The trees in my neighborhood are getting greener...

A Vintage Nerd Recreates: Une Femme Est Une Femme (1961): Angela Récamier

April 30, 2020 2
There something magical that happens when the late Anna Karina made a film with Jean-Luc Godard. Fashion and social issues collided in a ...

Stepping Out of Our Norm @Chiller

April 26, 2020 4
Around 2006-2007 my husband and I attended our first Chiller Theater Convention. We didn't know what we were getting into at first....

The Twilight Zone Inspiration: The Masks

April 21, 2020 0
The Masks was the 145th episode of The Twilight Zone and the only one directed by a female director, the iconic Ida Lupino. Lupi no no...

16 Breakfast at Tiffany's Quotes

April 19, 2020 0
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) is one of those iconic films that you can always find something new to be inspired by every time you v...

A Heap of Classic Films to Brighten Up Your Day

April 17, 2020 2
I don't know about you but I have to be in a specific mood to watch certain movies or television shows. Sometimes I'm feelin...


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