Manhattan Vintage Show: January 2014: Part Two

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Attending the Manhattan Vintage Show was so much more than I imagined. It was sooo very very nice to see such beautiful and inspiring pieces face to face.

I thought I would share with you what I purchased this time around. Please forgive the lint. I sooo need to score myself a lint brush!

My favorite purchase was this 1940's navy and red hat. The netting is still intact and it even comes with its own hat pin. I snagged it for $40.00 and I knew it was a steal. Hats this unique and especially from the 1940's with red on it to boot, are rare.

1940's Hat

My experiences shopping for vintage online and in MO with Brittany has taught me a great deal about what is worth the big bucks and what isn't. I liked the fact that this time around, I really could tell what was over priced and what I found as deal.

I purchased these wooden bracelets for $15.00. I think I could have snagged them elsewhere a bit cheaper but two are red and one is mustard and those are also rare colors to find in vintage and so they had to come home with me. Plus they fit perfectly and made an awesome clanking sound.

The shades were on my "need" list so I snagged this beauty for $29.00. The fit wonderfully and I have needed a good pair of vintage shades for a while.

Lastly was this WWII wooden Brooch. I saw it and it also had to come home with me. It was priced at $38.00 which is what I would have paid online so it was fine with me. I am not into sparkly or metallic brooches, more various types of plastic ie celluloid or wooden. This fit the bill for me!

I left the show very satisfied with what I purchased. I had a mental list of what I was looking for and glad I snagged two of the things on my list-shades and a navy hat.

What do you think? It was hard not to want to buy the whole place up but Joanna was right when she told me, "Isn't it nice to just look at everything in person?" She was SO right! 

Don't forget to swing over to Joanna's blog at Dividing Vintage Moments to see her take on the show. And for those of you interested in attending, there will be another show coming up in March!!! Gahhhh! 


  1. I loved what you purchased:) Those bracelets and hat are even better in person. I hope you show a picture with you wearing the hat soon as it is just perfect for you!

    1. Thank you hun! Now I am searching for the perfect dress to wear it with hehe xox

  2. That hat is a stellar find! I love the cheerful bursts of red - set against a see of navy, it seems strikingly patrotic and very in keeping with the Victory spirit of the early 40s. I love the immensely thoughtful presents that Joanna gave you. She is such an awesome, generous person (and a very wise lady, too - I agree, it's just so nice to look at things in person at vintage fairs and shows like that, regardless of if you buy twenty items or just a couple).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I could not have said it better about Joanna, Jess. Thank you for that!! xox

  3. I cant beleive I missed this I am definitely going next year. ITs so hard to find well priced vintage in the city, impossible really, I do almost all my shopping online

    retro rover

    1. Oh if you do get let me know! I am going in March! xox

  4. Fantastic round-up! You found some lovely things I would have bought the vintage sunglasses for sure:) It makes me want my cities spring vintage sale to come soon!!

    1. Thank you Daphne! Glad you have a vintage sale coming around soon! xox



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