Finding Inspiration In The Words of Others

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Do you ever find yourself coming across amazing photos or quotes while searching the web or prepping for a blog post? You may then admire it and then decide to save it just in case you want to remember it?

I have oodles of those-quotes and fun photos and inspirational photos as well. I thought I would share a bit of a few that I have found and hope you like them as much as I do.

Sidney Poitier
Bettie Page
Iris ApfelColin Firth
Coco Chanel
John F. Kennedy
Helena Rubinstein

Which did you like best? I just love hearing what other people think or thought and what their personal beliefs or philosophies were. It's fascinating.

If you liked any of these quotes feel free to pin then on your Pinterest-the pin button is invisible but at the left hand corner of all my photos. Enjoy!


  1. Frost's is my favourite, but they're terrific and could easily each spark the inspiration needed for a blog post unto themselves.

    I save quotes that speak to me as well. Some in a Word document, others on Pinterest and refer back to them frequently (especially when writing my Saturday Snapshots posts, as each one kicks off with a meaningful quote).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Don't know how I missed this post. I love the wise words you shared here. Bettie Page and Colin Firth are my faves, as if that's not obvious because I love them both. {Okay, I'm head over heels in love with Colin. LOL!}

  3. I knew that I loved Colin Firth. Awwww... what a man! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn



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