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One of the sweetest traditions for Valentine's day began during the Middle Ages when people began giving their loved ones a love note on February 14th. People continued to make their own love notes aka cards until manufacturers like Hallmark (founded in 1910) hired poets and artists to create little mini masterpieces like the ones pictured below.

Vintage Valentine's Day cards are both adorable and funny. I don't know if any of you collect them but you can find them on Etsy and Ebay. I love how each card is like a little piece of art. One of my vintagey goals is to one day start collecting them but first I want to find really good storage so I have a place to put them in.

Take a peek at a few I found:

Vintage Valentine's Day Cards
Vintage Valentine's
Vintage Valentine Day
Valentine's Day Cards
Vintage Valentine's Day
Vintage Vday
Aren't they all so adorable. I really admire the art work and how unique each card is.

Are you planning on making your Valentine's this year or buying modern cards? How about finding a unused vintage Valentine's Day card for a friend or for your sweetheart?

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  1. These are soooo fabulously cute!!! I love vintage Valentine's Day cards, they smoke most modern ones way out of the water. Health permitting, I love to make my own, but when that isn't the case, I buy them and try to still personalize them a but, such as by decorating the envelopes to the nines with festive touches.

    ♥ Jessica



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