Classic Cinema Spotlight: Woman Times Seven


Over the weekend my husband and I watched Woman Times Seven (1967) with Shirley MacLaine and Peter Sellers. Very interesting film. I have to start by saying we didn't expect it to me a MacLaine film since it was billed as a Peter Sellers film. We were surprised and disappointed when Sellers just had 10 minutes of screen time on the film. We are big Sellers fans and we are trying to watch all the films he was in so I guess this counts as one of them.

I did say this was an interesting film, right? In includes seven separate stories concerning the topic of adultery. But that isn't what is fascinating. What is fascinating are the seven individually styled and acted performances MacLaine gave for each story.

I shared a photo of each story on this post and forgive me that the quality of the photos isn't fantastic. Sadly, they were hard to find but I wanted to give you a feel of each tale.

The first tale includes Peter Sellers and works as a sort of introduction to the six others stories shared afterwards. This is the shortest story and it  a widow who while walking in her husbands funeral procession gets an offer to run away with the doctor (Sellers). She gets this offer while walking behind her husbands coffin. Gasp! The second is about a housewife who finds her husband in bed with her best friend and then vows to sleep with the first man she finds on the street. Enter a hoard of prostitutes and well, does she take revenge on her husband or not?

The third tale includes an Italian, a Scotsman, and a ethereal woman who reads T.S. Elliot in the nude. Yes, you have to see this to wrap it believe it. The fourth was one of my favorites and invovled a woman who was married to a writer who seemed to be more attracted to his fictional character of Simone than he was to her. Imagine his surprise when his wife begins to take on various characteristics of Simone to win him back. The fourth may have been my least favorite but it was a bit funny. The main character has a dress designed for her but finds out her arch nemesis is wearing it too. This one really didn't have an adultery in it, come to think of it. Oh well.

The finals stories included a pair of lovers who were contemplating suicide since they couldn't get divorces and a woman who is being followed by Michael Caine. I found the last story the most bittersweet. Just by the look of the characters face, it made you wonder what else lied behind those eyes of hers.

Peter Sellers
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven

This film is screaming 1960's and was heavily influenced by the European view of adultery. I found it fun, quirky, sad, clever, funny, and all around trip. I really enjoyed it. I think I need to find more films starring Shirley MacLaine. Do you recommend any?


  1. This is something I have on my "to watch" list for quite some time. Why is it that I never got areoung to seeing it? I have no answer.
    But, now that you have reminded me - I'm surely going to give it a look.


  2. Very interesting concept for a film. I haven't seen it, but based on your wonderful review here, it sounds like it has a fair bit in common with the 60s classic Marriage Italian style starring Sophia Loren.

    ♥ Jessica



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