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Ever wonder what sort of man the dashing Cary Grant was? I think you can learn a great deal about Grant through the words of his only child, his daughter, Jennifer.

Cary Grant (born Archibald Leach) became a father very late in life at the age of 62 in 1966. He decided that after the birth of his daughter he would retire from acting and leave most of his Old Hollywood days behind him. His primary focus and concern was in the raising of his child.

It is rare to see a father raising a daughter. Maybe not so much now but then and even when I was a little girl in the early 1980's. It was rare indeed. I was always the odd one out because dad came with me on trips and not my mom (who passed away in 1984).

I think because I was raised by my father I was able to easily slip on Jennifer's shoes and walk in them a bit. In doing so and reading the beautiful and sincere words about her father, I was able to see a version of Grant that I never thought I would.

In my mind's eye I see two men instead of one-the dapper and dashing film star Cary Grant and the doting and loving man named Archie who was playing his best and I believe his favorite role in life-father.

Good Stuff: A Reminiscence of My Father, Cary Grant is a love letter from a devoted daughter to her adored father. I immediately put aside his swoon factor and focused on Jennifer's point of view and how she saw her father. And it was beautiful. It reminded me a lot of the way I feel about my own dad. There is just something special about a father/daughter relationship and even more special when a relationship is formed not just because of roles but because of the time invested in the relationship.

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Good Stuff

The book is a good and smooth read. It is almost like reading a journal sometimes. Jennifer includes private photos of herself with her father as well as correspondences that were close to her heart.

In an interview I read once Jennifer admitted that she wanted to keep what she knew about her father to herself and struggled with the idea of sharing it. But with the support of her mother (Dyan Cannon) and her step-mother, Barbara Harris (his last wife), she decided that it was time to share with the world who her father was through her own eyes. Through the eyes of a child, the eyes of a daughter, the eyes of his biggest fan.

I want to say thank you to Jennifer Grant for sharing her stories and life with her father Cary Grant with the world because she really didn't have to. Cary Grant never wrote his autobiography so there are so many things the world will never know about him. Because Jennifer shared this part of him with the world, now those of us that are fans of his work can embrace another side of Grant that was most likely the side he was most proud of.

Being a father.

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  1. I had forgotten that I had wanted to read this, it sounds like a wonderful book!

  2. You've made me really wanna read this book now! I avoided it a bit. Partially, because it is such a short span of time in his life and I'm eager to learn about his days growing up and discovering his chosen profession. And I imagine she didn't have much time with him. But I think I'll run to the library right away and check out this book! Thanks!

  3. I like getting an insight into actors I adore watching. This book sounds so wonderful you've made me want to read it now.


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