Anniversary + Classic Film + Bernie Dexter = Very Happy Day

With the children left playing with their grandpa and my Bernie Dexter dress on, we left to Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to go on our celebratory 9th Wedding Anniversary date. I have been searching for a long time for a dinner and a movie experience and finally found one!

At 12pm we watched for the first time on the big screen Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). I haven't seen it in black and white for quite some time so it was really nice to not only see it on a big screen but also in its original coloring. I adore Kevin McCarthy and the way he played the character of Dr. Miles Bennell.

We choose our seats and it had a table and I thought the whole thing was so neat. We ordered our brunch which seems to be popular in Brooklyn as most restaurants during the weekend only serve brunch. The egg sandwich was divine but I have to say the popcorn blew us away. I never tasted such fresh popcorn before and so evenly buttered to. We ate every morsel!

Bernie Dexter

It was so nice to eat and watch a movie and the entire experience is one we hope to repeat again and again. We then proceeded to walk around the neighborhood a bit and for lunch we stopped by a local eatery called Pies 'n' Thighs. Everything is organic and the chicken is truly finger licking good!

I would have taken photos of the food but by golly we gobbled it up so quickly it didn't stand a chance!

Our little outing was so quaint and relaxing and although I cannot bear the heat of New York City summers, I was really happy to try something new with my husband and just enjoy an afternoon together.
Bernie Dexter

For our big day I wore for the first time a Bernie Dexter dress. When I saw it I knew I needed to wear it for my special day. I LOVE her dresses. The material is lovely, the patterns are divine, and it is extremely flattering. I will only have to say that depending on your figure because of the way it is cut, you may have to go a size up or even two sizes up. Either way, the fit is incredible and I hope to score some more of her dresses.

Today I am also sporting my new hair color-my first time dying my hair in my 30's. I had it dyed once in my 20's and it didn't look right on me (auburn color). The greys and whites are now happily camouflaged and I feel great. It was a super big step for me because I like to keep things as natural as possibly but I knew when the day came that they were just no longer going away that I would have to and I did it!

I paired up my dress with handmade jewelry by Just Peachy on Etsy and some bracelets from my Moonglow Collection. I also used for the first time my brand new Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera. I will share my review on it tomorrow!

It was nice to get out and hold hands and be together but I have to also say it was equally nice to go home and be with our children.

How do you like to celebrate special occasions? Have you been to any of the places I mentioned?


  1. Happy Anniversary! You look divine!

  2. Happy anniversary! The pics of you guys and murals are so fun!

    1. It was fun to do and just be silly a bit hehe thank you sweetie! xox

  3. Joyful anniversary wishes to you both!!! I adore your dress and hair here - in fact, that's one of my favourite hairstyles you've ever shared with us. I love it's mix of softness, body and classic charm.

    Here's wishing you an amazing next nine years and countless more after that to come!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh thank you my dearest friend! I pray for many more too. I feel super blessed. So glad you liked it. Loving the new cut too heheh xox

  4. Happy anniversary!!! I those movie dinner things they're so fun! You look lovely, and I love the color. I recently started dying mine as well and you know I just love it. I never thought I'd do it but wow it just makes a gal feel good.

  5. I LOVE Pies 'n Thighs. Still haven't made it to Nighthawk but I've heard such great things. Happy anniversary. What a sweet, simple celebration!

  6. Happy Anniversary! And what a darling dress! I also love you fun photos!


  7. You know, I thought I had commented on this post. A big Happy Anniversary to you:))) I just love your dress, you are one pretty lady:))



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