Movie Madness Monday: At The Beach


I was so happy to see many of you enjoy my first installment of Movie Madness Monday! Thank you for the lovely comments and suggestions.

This Monday I bring you some summertime themed at the beach film recommendations. I would have to say the Gidget and Beach Party are the lighthearted ones. The other two, although set in at or around a beach, have a bit more of a serious tone.

Summertime is slowly winding down a bit on my side of the world. August brings last minute trips to the beach, school supply runs, and few more bbq's to throw in ones backyard.

These films bring you back to those summer days spend at the beach where you held hands with your beau, had a first date with someone, or even frockled in the water with your best friends.

A Summer Place
Where The Boys Are
Beach Party
Have you seen any of these? Which are your favorites? How did you find the films approach to budding sexuality? What at the beach films would you recommend?


  1. I just watched Beach Party this weekend, and I was shaking my head the whole time. I can't put my finger on why I thought it was so ridiculous, but everything about it just struck me as seriously strange. It felt more like a parody of a surf movie than an attempt to get at anything real. I think I've seen Where the Boys Are, but several years ago. If it's the movie I'm thinking of, I was fairly traumatized by what I remember as a scene where rape was heavily implied, although I could be mistaken. I should check out the other two, though surf or beach movies are really interesting to me right now, at this point in the summer.

  2. Great choices!!! Though it doesn't really take place at the beach (save for some of the flashbacks when they're singing Summer Nights), I always think of Grease as being at least in the same general vein as these kinds of fun, teenage centered vintage flicks.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I've seen all of these! My parents are from San Diego, and I think we thought the Beach Party movies were what their life was like! Haha!
    My friend and I do mock A Summer Place... ;) We can't help it! It's so dramatic! You should add Suddenly Last Summer to your list. That one has serious eye candy. ;)



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