Movie Madness Monday: Out of This World


Happy Monday! Today I bring you some out of this world Sci-fi classic films. I find Sci-fi films to be so creative. You really have to think outside of the box and expand your horizons. The writers, directors, costume and set designers place their imaginations on overdrive and direct their energies on what is their view of the future.

That is what I love about Sci-fi films. They just transport you to another realm of reality, another world, or extensions of what we hope for humanity. It is that sense of exploration and adventure that makes it so much fun to watch.

Here are some out of this world recommendations:


The Day The Earth Stood Still

Forbidden Planet

2001: A Space Odyssey

Have you seen any of these Sci-fi films? I have yet to fully wrap 2001: A Space Odyssey around my mind. Have you figured it all out? What out of this world films would you recommend?

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  1. I love Forbidden Planet! We watch it at least once a year. I also like Silent Running, but it is a bit depressing. Do you count post apocalyptic movies as SciFi? A Boy and His Dog are good, but again, depressing. Soylent Green is another classic.

  2. I love Forbidden Planet! I have several sci-fi movies in my oldies collection!

  3. Silly, heck, downright campy, as it is, I'll always give Space Balls a big thumbs up from me in the sci-fi front. I'll never forget laughing until tears ran down my face while watching it for the first time as a youngster.

    ♥ Jessica