5 Things A Vintage Girl Can Look Forward To During The Fall


The season of Fall brings so many new opportunities for us vintage girls. You can wear your outfits differently, your hair differently, and do activities that are best enjoyed in cool, crisp weather.

Here are some things that you can all look forward to doing during these fall months:

Tapping into your inner 1950's gal by wearing cardigans

Drinking hot tea and coffee in the way it was meant to be
Julie Andrews

Dust off your hats and let them do what they were made to do
Vintage Hats

Wear gloves and not the winter kind
Vintage Gloves

Take brisk walks in our vintage best

Life Magazine

I think I am most excited with wearing more cardigans (a staple in my wardrobe) and drinking hot tea and coffee. Nothing better than drinking a hot coffee while feeling the wind in your hair. Ahhh, the Fall. My absolute favorite season of the year!

What do you look forward to doing in the Fall? Do you plan to wear more cardigans or take your gloves out of their storage box?

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  1. What a lovely inspiring list:)

  2. I am SO excited to sit in a fluffy, cozy robe and drink tea and coffee as it was supposed to be! And I just got a couple new fur hats that are dying to be debuted!

  3. Ahh brisk walks! Unfortunately I live half way up a very steep hill but there are so many lovely tea rooms at the top of the hill so it's possible to revive yourself with a cup of tea once there.
    I now cannot wait for the autumn to be fully upon us. The colours of autumn are my favourite.

  4. Beautiful list, dear Daffny! I'm really looking forward to all of these things, as well as picking pumpkins in my Freddies, baking and cooking for hours in the kitchen without melting faster than the Wicked Witch, sporting tights again, and putting together oodles of black and orange centered daily outfits as Halloween draws nearer.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. HATS!!! Our summer has been a cool one, so I've been wearing my ever-growing hand knit cardigan collection all summer long. Seriously, I counted all the sweaters I've made in the last year and was shocked that I now have 9 hand knit cardis, wow. So, for me, fall is all about hats. All of my vintage inspired hats are wool so they are too warm for summer, if fact today was my first hat wearing day, a wonderful little red tilt had with black and white flower made from ribbon. This is a great list, now to go find all my gloves.

    She Knits in Pearls

  6. The gloves and the hats definitely! And the cardigans too...

  7. Hats, for sure. Most of the ones that I own are cool weather appropriate, so it'll be really nice to bust them out again. I also don't really wear petticoats in the summer (far too much sweating), so I'll be happy to swish around in them again.