A Vintage Nerd Presents: Warby Parker's Fall Collection 2014

Warby Parker
Warby Parker just released their new Fall Collection today and I am here to share with you some of their beautiful frames that I especially paired with clothing from Boden.

Warby Parker was created to be affordable and easy on the eyes, no pun intended. They sell both glasses (as well as sunglasses) with a retro flair. New glasses can a leave you with a hefty bill but at Warby Parker you can score a pair that not only goes great with your wardrobe but one that doesn't hurt your wallets.

Now that school is back in session and the leaves are changing colors, why not add a pair of Warby Parker's Fall Collection glasses into your everyday wardrobe? You'll be adding a dash of retro and still be able to read your favorite blogs (ahem..A Vintage Nerd?).

Take a peak on how I created looks paired with Warby Parker's new Fall Collection of glasses:


There are nine new shapes in this collection as well as two new hues that I love; Striped Pacific and Petal Torquiose. If you would like to see the rest of the collection, take look HERE.

Are you excited about this new Fall Collection from Warby Parker? Have you purchased and used their glasses before?


  1. I discovered Warby Parker frames about a week after I got my latest pair of glasses. Drat! Even though I wear progressives, apparently I can order the frames and have the lenses done at my doctor's office. I'm going to try that next time around. Love the idea of their try-at-home service. I have light brown hair, so I agree: Petal Tortoise looks like a great color!

  2. Great ensembles, dear Daffny. I especially like the first, which partners leopard and mustard yellow together. I love and often wear both separately, but don't believe I've combined them before. I'll be changing that this fall for sure. Thanks for the great inspiration!

    ♥ Jessica



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