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The more I play around with my wardrobe the more I learn about colors and textures and the importance of accessories. But I also learned that adding a conversation piece to your wardrobe can really add a dash of "oh la la" to your look. Whether it is your vintage outfit, modern, or vintagey, adding something that pops or stands out will make your look extra special. Not only that but it may also garner the attention of those who enjoy fashion as well.

After viewing the screening of To Sir, With Love yesterday, my family and I took a stroll around the neighborhood (Greenwich Village). I took with me my newest and most favorite find, my Aldo Strausberg handbag.

It is quirky and cute and I love it. It took me a few days to track the name of it down but I finally did thanks to those who work for Aldo!

It isn't vintage but it has that cheeky quality that kitschy vintage items have and I love that. I think its important to have some fun especially with your accessories. It doesn't always have to be serious and I felt with a handbag like this, it is sure to make any outfit I wear stand out (in the good way).

It proved to be a conversation piece when a student from Parsons School of Design came up to me and complimented me on it. She even asked if I could be a part of her school project on fashion (she is a photographer). I thought she was so sweet and it sounds interesting so we shall see!

It's both quirky and practical with heaps of space inside. Enough for me to carry the essentials and my daughters sweater inside. I also love that it came with a strap so I can use it as a cross body bag.

I have yet to find that piece of vintage that will be my conversation piece to my wardrobe but I do hope I find it soon. I am hoping an outstanding brooch or a 1960's handbag will come my way.

Do you have a conversation piece in your wardrobe? What is it and what do people say?


  1. You look so beautiful. I love this outfit paired together. Red is your color! I'm finding 50s novelty skirts to be a conversational piece. I love this bag, very charming and I bet your daughter loved it too:) I find when my children like something, it is very whimsical and fun.

  2. really cute! my favorite conversation piece is my poodle bag I adore it

    retro rover

  3. What an awesome, unexpectedly cool bag to mix into a vintage look. It strikes me as something Andy Warhol would give two massive thumbs up to. I love adding statement/conversation starter pieces to my wardrobe, too. I find that out in public, the number one type of garment that gets folks talking in vintage hats. They don't even need to be OTT usually, just the fact that a lady is wearing a hat for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of it seems to marvel many 21st century folks. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Your handbag certainly is a statement piece. In the post about To Sir With Love, after gushing over your cute children, I immediately noticed the handbag. It is so cute and so unique!

  5. I love this bag, I'm so glad you managed to find it!
    For me I make my statements with colour. I'm always getting comments on how colourful and bright I am. For me it's a collection of my jewellery and hair flowers that I co-ordinate with the colours, rather than one big statement piece or item of clothing



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