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When you love history and the times of the past like we all do its nice to find sources where you can look and read about it. Reminisce Magazine is a fantastic source for taking a glimpse into the past.

Since its new ownership I have seen nothing but amazing articles and a fresh take on the lives of people from yesteryear. It almost feels like I am reading a really cool history book but without all the neverending paragraphs on one topic and without homework!

Reminisce Magazine taps into each decade of the 20th Century minus the 1980's and 1990's. It includes real life stories but those who lived at a specific time, cheeky cartoons and information about a specific decade, a page dedicated to the slang of a certain year, tidbits on fashion, toys, films, tv shows, and really so much more.

I loved the way Reminisce was a year or two ago but I love it more now. I really like how there is a representation of many years and decades as well as a blend of real life stories as well as reflections from the past.

Reminisce Magazine is bi-monthly but you can also subscribe to Reminisce Extra which is also bi-monthly. That way you get a new issue from them every month jammed pack with vintage goodies to read and look at.

Reminisce Magazine
Reminisce Magazine
Reminisce Magazine
Reminisce Magazine

If you are interested in subscribing to Reminisce or would like to take a peak at their website, swing by HERE.

Have you read Reminisce Magazine? Do you like the new format and the type of articles that are included?


  1. I just subscribed thanks for sharing
    retro rover

  2. I love this magazine! My grandma always has it around and I read them all when I'm at her house!

  3. How cool! I just subscribed myself. Thank you for posting about it!


  4. How cool! I'd never seen this before, I'll have to check it out.

  5. I've never heard of this magazine, so glad you shared. It looks fascinating.

    She Knits in Pearls

  6. Don't get this. The magazine does not look like this anymore. The pictures are small, paper is more like newsprint now. Photos are dropped in at angles and print flows around them, making it harder to read. Check out Good Old Days. Is is more like Reminisce used to be. Once again Readers Digest took to cutting costs and ruined a wonderful magazine. I am dropping my subs and all of my gift subs. A almost quit them when they came out with a Special Issue that would count as two issues of your subscription since it was so special. I wish they had just folded if they could not maintain the quality of the old magazine.



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