Movie Madness Monday: Classic Monsters

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If you haven't seen a classic monster movie yet and wondered what all the hype is about them, you must see them for yourself to know why they are so good.

About two years ago my husband and I found a slew of classic monster movies available on Netflix and began with watch Dracula. We were immediately hooked and kept watching classic monster movies, one after another. Not one was disappointing! Not ONE!

Usually a scary flick these days is a toss up. Some are okay, one or two are amazing, but most are horrendous with a capital H! One thing you can count on with these classic monster films is that they are iconic for a reason. They broke the mold for horror films and they are so darn good!


The Invisible Man
The Wolf Man

Have you seen any of these? Which is your favorite? What other classic monster films have you enjoyed?


  1. I love the universal monsters!!! Dracula is my favorite. I did a post last year on the universal monsters vs the hammer horror ones and I think I may repost it this year as its one of my favorites.

    retro rover

  2. I don't like to watch modern scary movies either. Mostly because it seems like a lot of modern movies have a lot disturbing scenes. Which I do NOT like. Last October I watched a Dracula movie which I believe was from the sixties, and it was great. And really spooky! While I don't celebrate Halloween, I do like to watch all the vintage scary movies on t.v!

  3. I've seen Dracula and Frankenstein, as well as Nosferatu and The Mummy. I really enjoyed all of them in a silly, campy kind of way. Once I read Frankenstein, though, it thought it was so odd how much they'd changed things. It's really strange to meet Frankenstein's articulate, intelligent monster in the book after thinking of him as a shambling, groaning thing from all the movies.

  4. My boyfriend and I watch these each year around Halloween. As I do not like most modern day horror films, it is the one time of year we get to watch "scary" movies together (he's a huge horror buff). Yeah Netflix for having a good collection of obscure movies.

    She Knits in Pearls



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