Movie Madness Monday: Sappy Love Stories

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What's not to like about a sappy love story? Two people fawning all over each other, telling each other that life cannot go on without them. Good stuff, eh?

There is something about them that is deliciously cheesy, romantic, and painful to watch. Most of us have had our heart broken at one time or another and the feeling that the world would literally end is a real and strong feeling.

I feel as though films that have sappy love stories in them are like a magnet. They pull us to them not because we want to endure that type of pain over again but rather we would prefer to watch someone else go through it instead.

Out of my recommendations this week I have to say Splendor in the Grass is the most painful for me to watch. Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty are both equally stunning in this film but that pain of first love, the way outside events pull them apart, they way they can't get it together so that they could have some happiness. Ouch. It hurts. And that scene where she reads the poem and begins to cry. Sigh. Its tough to view but worth seeing. They all are. So, have a box of tissues nearby just in case.


Splendor in the Grass

West Side Story

Love Story

Have you seen any of these sappy love stories? Which did you enjoy the most? What other sappy love stories would you recommend?


  1. I've seen Casablanca and West Side Story but not the others, I will have to check them out!

  2. Fun list! On the vintage front, I'd add The King and I, The More the Merrier, The Shop Around the Corner, and even White Christmas to this camp, too.

    ♥ Jessica



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