My Date With Sidney Poitier

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Today I attended a screening of one of my favorite films, To Sir, With Love. It is a part of Film Forum Jr.'s special screenings. I have to saw the theater is charming, the service impeccable, and I just loved the reaction from the audience.

I took my daughter with me on our first classic film experience together. She enjoyed the film and I was in Sidney Poitier bliss watching him on the big screen.

Earlier when I was getting dressed I almost felt as if I were meeting up with him at the screening. Of course I was but not in that way. Seeing a classic film on the big screen is something I love to do and watching one of my favorite films was everything I could imagine.

One of the reasons I love seeing a film over and over is because I catch things that I never noticed before or because of maturity, I understand things that I didn't before. That is the magic of movies. I'm happy to say I caught a few things I didn't notice this time around. That was really neat to discover.

To this screening I tried out a 1967 hairstyle from one of my Dell Purse Books. It was a front up do with the sides pinned back and a flip. I opted out of the flip and slept (sort of) with huge pink rollers to help me achieve the look. Because I have wavy hair and my hair curls easily, I didn't get the polished look that was in the photo (which you can see HERE).

I also discovered that a great deal of teasing has to be done but I didn't want my hair to get in the way of anyone's viewing. All in all it is a nice style but not one of my favorite 1960's hairstyles. I hope to find the one best suited for my face soon. Actually I am eager to but practice makes perfect, right?

I wore a 1940's double heart brooch in theme with the film, my eShakti black skirt, Boden peter pan collared blouse, cropped cardigan and belt from Modcloth, and my handbag from Aldo.

The film was such a joy to watch again. I love the character of Sir more now than before. Every teacher dreams to be the sort of teacher that changes students lives. Dare I say and I am proud to say that I was of those teachers. Watching the film reminded me of things I experienced then. I am happy to say many of my students still search for me and seek my guidance. Being a teacher, a good teacher. is a special thing. Watching this film again was cathartic for me. Sharing it with my daughter made it extra special.

It was so nice to be in the city on a Sunday morning/early afternoon. I cannot wait to see more screenings at the Film Forum.


  1. You look so fantastic! Red sings on you, sweet gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. really adorable outfit, red is your color

    retro rover

  3. Your hair might not be as big as the original, but it's certainly cute! I love the curls and your little bow. This whole outfit is just super cute, especially that cardigan with the hearts brooch.

  4. Very cool! I had no idea Film Forum was showing this. I saw Lawrence of Arabia there in June. Glad you enjoyed :)



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