5 Vintage Additions For Your Fall Wardrobe

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Chilly days are upon us especially her in New York. I started thinking about what pieces I needed to add to my wardrobe in particular vintage pieces.

I never realized that creating and up keeping a wardrobe could be so much work and also fun. The fun part for me is figuring out what I need to make an outfit dazzle a bit more and then the search begins.

Here are my 5 vintage additions for your Fall Wardrobe:

Aren't these pieces wonderful?! I think they would make great additions to anyone's vintage wardrobe for the Fall. 

Do you have any of these pieces ie quilted skirts, cardigans, blazers, leather handbags, etc? What pieces would you recommend to add to ones vintage wardrobe for the fall?


  1. Fantastic choices! That blazer is just beautiful. I recently bought a wool houndstooth blazer from the '70s, myself, and so far it has proven to be just perfect for chillier autumn days! I've always wanted a quilted circle skirt, too. They look so warm!


  2. Pendleton skirts, jackets or dresses are also a must have for fall! Plaid, plaid, plaid!

  3. I second that! Plaid skirts. I have two of them. Also wool coats, like princess cuts or Jackie Kennedy cuts.

  4. Great list, dear gal! I have two quilted 1950s skirts (one red, the other black) and can't praise them highly enough!!! I even wore my red one for Christmas day last year. With a pair of tights and a crinoline, they're fabulously warm and can easily be worn in the snow (with appropriate footwear) all winter long.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh my goodness, great list. I seriously must have/make a quilted circle skirt! With temperatures in the 20's and 30's and snow on the ground all ready, my go to outfits are wool skirts or trousers and sweaters. The tilt beret would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe as well.

      She Knits in Pearls



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