Channeling A 1940's School Girl

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I decided to channel my inner 1940's school girl for my movie date with my husband last night to see Fury. It has been a long time since I dressed with a 40's flare and I loved getting back to my roots. There is something incredibly special about dressing up 40's. Its almost as if we are linking ourselves to the women of yesteryear.

To achieve my 1940's school girl look I worn my Peter Pan collared cotton top from Boden with a white cropped cardigan from Old Navy. I scored this really pretty plaid skirt via eShakti. I honestly had no clue if I could like a skirt like this or as long as this one is but I took a chance and I love it! It is fully lined and has these great deep pockets. Yay for pockets! One of my favorites features from eShakti.

I wore one of my brooches from my WWII collection with pride. Last two bits were a pair of navy bow shaped stud earrings purchased HERE and a navy satchel from the Leather Satchel Company.

1940's Brooch
1940's School Girl

This was such a comfy outfit to wear and it felt good to dress up to see the film. Have you ever admired the 1940's school girl look? What aspects of this style do you like or dislike?


  1. I absolutely adore everything about this outfit. Hurray for skirts with pockets!!! I am looking forward to my man and It's next date night as we too are planning on seeing Fury.

    She Knits in Pearls

  2. 1940s school girl is a favorite look of mine too. This outfit is divine

    retro rover

  3. I love the 40's and I love that skirt! Cute outfit.

  4. You look gorgeous! Very patriotic and fun. I hope you enjoyed the movie!


  5. That you are and you look endlessly cute + stylish in the process!! I think that plaid is one of your most becoming patterns, dear gal. Every time you wear it, I'm struck by how awesome it looks on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. You look so cute! I love your outfit and I think the skirt is my faviorate part, very warm and autumn feeling.

  7. I love the coed/collegiate looks from the 40s! So much fun.

  8. It's a really cute look, and the satchel just puts it over the top. Fabulous.

  9. I just wanted to share with you some link love in Today's blog post. You are a constant inspiration to me. Thank you.

    She Knits in Pearls



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