Magazine Review: ReMind

A Vintage Nerd

Looking for a different type of vintage themed magazine? Perhaps something with some cheeky cartoons and fun word games?

I discovered ReMind Magazine on my last outing to the bookstore and so excited to see it that of course I had to buy it and bring it home. It doesn't focus on one specific era but covers all eras of the 20th Century.

Inside there are heaps of word games but also great articles on actors of tvland's past, fashion, excerpts from authentic magazines from the 1950's, and loads of flashes from you past. Enough to make you want to go through and read the entire magazine from back to cover!

I can say I love it! It different from Vintage Life Magazine and Reminisce Magazine. This magazine can give those who are fans of the past something different to look at and read.

ReMind Magazine
ReMind Magazine
ReMind Magazine
Nostalgic Magazine

If you would like to learn more about ReMind Magazine and perhaps even purchase a subscription you can read more HERE.

This magazine is seems to be fairly new but I loved that it was interactive with all the crossword puzzles and bits of trivia. Have you seen this magazine in your local bookstore? What do you think of it?

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Daffny - glad you found us and enjoyed it! I'm a writer for ReMIND. Nice site you have here!

  2. I only just recently found this magazine at Barnes & Noble. How long has it been around as I have never seen it before? I want the back issues but cannot find them anywhere. Why can't the website sell back issues, especially those who never of this before? I love puzzles and this has been around for years but I have never seen it in a store till now. How did anyone ever find out about it in the first place???

  3. We now sell our Back Issues online! Visit: and browse our selection!