Mealtime English Style at Tea & Sympathy and Salt & Battery

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My trip to Tea & Sympathy took nine months in the making. I kid you not! My husband wanted to take me for my birthday in January but the weather got so bad that we couldn't get out of the house. Then we tried again for Valentine's Day in February but again the cold kept us home. Finally I made it!

And can I say it was worth the wait. My husband and I had brunch on Saturday. The place is small but you can tell they have many loyal and repeat customers. It is decorated with a photo of the Queen of England and heaps of lovely tea pots in their cabinets.

My husband ordered eggs with bacon and I had eggs with beans and toast. I also had a pot of English Breakfast tea that was dreamy. I always wanted to know what English food was like especially beans on toast which to the American in me it is an odd thing to eat together. It was nice actually. The beans weren't bitter and had a slight after taste so it was a nice combination with the bread. I tried my husbands bacon and was leery because I like my bacon crispy but WOW, it tasted amazing!

Needless to say we loved the place! One of the owners was there, Sean, who runs Tea &Sympathy along with his wife. This outstanding husband and wife team also run their shop Carry On Tea & Sympathy and a fish and chips (french fries) eatery next door called A Salt & Battery.

Tea & Sympathy
Tea & Sympathy
Tea & Sympathy
Tea & Sympathy

It was so cozy and inviting inside Tea & Sympathy, The waitress was lovely and the type of people that eat there all seem to have one thing in common-they can't get enough of this place. And now neither can we! We cannot wait to take our children here and check out their lunch menu!

Their shop is right next door so after you eat your delicious English style meal you can do a little grocery shopping. I loved that the door to enter this shop is the shape and color of an English telephone booth. Such fun!

They had tea pots, heaps of tea selections, biscuits, crisps (chips), and loads of candy. I stocked up on some because of course I had to bring a treat home to the children. I love this shop! I felt like I was back in England! England in New York. Goodness, is this a special city or what?

I almost walked away with some London cabbies eggs cups. Just too cute! The atmosphere was friendly and very helpful and chatting up with Sean was just the bees knees. Now if everyone ran a business like he does, honestly the world would be a better place!

For lunch we tried for the very first time some proper English fish and chips. Although I have been to England a few times, I visited friends while I was there and I didn't do all the normal and traditional things like eat some fish and chips. I do plan to rectify that in the New Year though.

A Salt & Battery

A Salt & Battery is a simple eatery. There is a counter where the food orders were done and some seats to sit and eat. Luckily since all three shops were side by side, the owners placed benches in front of each so you can sit outside and eat your fish and chips if you wanted to.

For our first run of it we both found it rather tasty. I even tried their homemade tater sauce which I normally don't like eating but their was really rather tasty.

All in all, our meals that day were really refreshing and delicious. I always wondered if I would enjoy traditional English food and I can now say that I can. My husband and I loved all three places and really look forward to going back again soon!

Big thanks to Sean for showing us around his shops and for chatting up and being just a delight.

Have you ever been to Tea & Sympathy? Or to A Salt & Battery? Did you know there were this neat English shops in New York City?

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  1. lovely places to visit !


  2. I love the fish and chips shop moniker, that alone would make me go! Great review!

  3. I enjoyed reading this, especially since I am English (and living in England). I liked the authenticity of the board used to put up the menu and prices in the fish and chip shop; very authentic. Did they do poached eggs on toast in Tea and Sympathy? That would be my quintessential English tea, or supper.

    I always find differences between American and English usage of language interesting. We would say "chatting to" someone e.g. "I enjoyed chatting to Sean". "Chatting up" someone in England means flirting with them, generally to get them to agree to go out with you!

    1. I love English lingo and I have naturally incorporated some of it to my everyday lingo. Just a habit of sorts since I have close friends there etc. I say crikey a lot hahaa I didn't have lunch or dinner there yet but we plan to. I just love it and so happy to have a place in NY where I can enjoy a bit of the English culture. Thank you Helena! xox

  4. This looks so fun! What a fun outing! I do wish we were more into tea here in the U.S.

  5. You camera takes such wonderful pictures! I would love to bring mine but it's so bulky. Love the detail shots! Beautiful!