Movie Madness Monday: Favorite Spooky Films

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Halloween is just a few days away so being the cinefile that I am, I have taken out some of my favorite spooky films and I have been rewatching them for fun. It made me think about which films really spook the heck out of me. Few modern horror films actually scare me. I think many of them go to far so it leaves so little to the imagination and its in the imagination where shadows play and bumps go in the night.

First up is the film that changed horror as whole in the 1970's, The Exorcist. A child becoming possessed by a demon and watching that said innocent child become a product of holy hell. Its disturbing. If you are a praying person you may find it even more disturbing. I watched the unedited version in the theaters in 2000 and was insanely freaked out. This is the type of film that you never forget. It creeps into your mind and stays there forever! My second choice is The Legacy, a heck of a film about witchcraft.

The last two selections are a ghost story and a demon story. Demon films scare me the most. Night of the Demons is very dated, very 80's but so much fun. It's also super scary because of the music and the sounds being made. Ghost Story is simply a brilliant telling of a ghost seeking revenge, That last scene creeps me out over and over. It is a doozy.

The Exorcist

The Legacy

Ghost Story

Night of the Demons

What are some of your favorite spooky films? Have you seen any of these that I have mentioned on this list?


  1. Hey there.
    I have seen lots of "horror" movies - but to my personal dissappointment, I found them rather gruesome, gore and slashy. However, you have listed "Exorcist" - that one I've seen it and it gave me days of agony.
    I think I'm no longer a spook-liking person. :)


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  2. I watched The Exorcist when I was a kid and was terrified, but watching it again as an adult it loses a lot of the spook factor. The novel is actually much scarier to me now.
    Ghost stories always scare me - I'm still really scared by The Ring. I think my favorite horror movie is probably Cabin In The Woods, just because it's not really scary, but definitely makes you think about how scary movies work. It's interesting.

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