Movie Madness Monday: Witchcraft

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October just screams of ghost stories and witches on a broom stick. "Tis the season of scary movies and pumpkin picking.

For this weeks recommendation I chose some classic witchcraft films. I Married A Witch was made famous by Veronica Lake's sultry hair but also for the fun comedic role of Jennifer, a witch looking for love. The Woman Who Came Back (please excuse the not so great photo, this one was hard to find!) has more of a psychological suspense to the story line while Bell, Book and Candle is more romantic. My last recommendation is a 1960's film import from the UK called Witchcraft. This film (typical of 1960's horror) has more of a creepier edge to it and a ending you hoped wouldn't happen but it does.

I have always found the idea of magic to be one that was alluring and fascinating. I am a big Harry Potter fan and I think I would have gone to school at Hogwart's in a heartbeat, wouldn't you? But other stories of witchcraft can be darker as well as modern witchcraft films like The Craft play on the idea of using Paganism or Wiccan faiths to conjure magic. The take on witchcraft via classic films showcased an array of ways to view witchcraft and the existence of witches which I find enjoyable.

I Married A Witch

The Woman Who Came Back

Bell, Book and Candle

Have you seen any of these witchcraft films? What is your favorite film, classic or modern, on the subject of witchcraft?

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  1. Oh Ive only ever seen one of these, bell book and candle, and I LOVE an old horror film. I love the I married a witch poster. I cant really think of a favorite witch craft movie that isn't kind of down on witch craft, I like the 7th victim and Rosemarys Baby a lot but they are more devil worship films.

    PS-We think alike again I just did a post on Hammer Horror vs Universal Horror films

  2. Great post -- there's such a wealth of spooky material out there -- Hollywood loves a good, um, hot, um, wicked witch! Veronica Lake didn't have to do much more than bat her eyes to convince us that she was up to something. (And she endlessly complained that her one decent noir role opposite Alan Ladd had pegged her the queen of sultry sulk, a persona she never felt comfortable with. No one else seemed convinced of that. Sounds like she had a real witchy role in her final film, "Flesh Feast" (1972). We'll run a bunch of witch cheesecake pix on the FB page sometime this month. Thanks again for the mention!

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