Spooky Halloween Pinups

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I really admire the photography of the past. One type I really love is vintage pinup. It's pretty, fun, and wholesomely flirty. I am aware that many pinup photos of known Hollywood starlets were actually a gimmick used to promote the starlet. Irregardless of why they took the photos, I am so glad they did. My favorite pinups are holiday ones. Halloween is no exception.

Imagine playing dress up with a witches hat and posing with spooky pumpkins and cat shadows? The pinups always looked like they had a blast.

I dedicated an entire board on my Pinterest HERE to Halloween Pinups. You can find a lot more photos on Pinterest as well.

Have you ever hammed it up for the camera and modeled with your pumpkins and witch's broomstick? Do you like holiday pinups? If so, why?

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  1. If I ever had the courage to do a pin up photoshoot it would definitely be a themed one, probably Halloween or Christmas. In fact, choosing between those two would be the tricky part!



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