Trick or Treat Time

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Happy Halloween all! Phew! I feel like I survived a tornado! October sure did whisk by quickly and now its left us! I have been so busy with the children (ie Disney, Bdays, School, etc) that this year I honestly didn't have an ounce of energy to spare for myself. That means I didn't have a real costume this year. Bummer, I know. While trick or treating today I decided to put my thinking cap on and figure out our costumes for next year. It was a bit chilly and costumes today are so thin that we had to put coats on the children today.  I want to get costumes for them that are warmer so they can skip the coats next year and people can see what they are wearing.

Today I threw on my trusty Banana Republic puffer vest on (had it for 15 years and is still in perfect condition!) with a cardigan and my Crown and Glory red glittery horns. I feel grateful to live in such a pretty neighborhood and everyone was so nice. My children scored an insane amount of goodies inside their pumpkin buckets. They dressed up as the 1960's Batman and Robin and my daughter was an undead bride. She is defiantly my future goth girl!

Did you do anything special for Halloween? Do you have any suggestions for costumes for me? I am open to anything but something vintage inspired would be neat! Thank you in advance and Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! I love the bouquet of black roses. Great idea! I didn't dress up this year either. It always seems like a crazy busy day getting the kids ready and prepared. So fun for kids.

  2. Adorable pumpkins, darling!
    I hope you enjoyed it...


  3. Thank you Joanna and Marija!! xox



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