A Picture Worth A Thousand Words: 1950's Alabama

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Gordon Parks was one of those prolific American photographers whose work really made an impact on society. Through his eyes and his view from the lens of his camera he was able to capture a glimpse into the lives of people in particular the African American community. He contributed photographic essays to Life Magazine for two decades. In one of his photographic essays he

This specific series of photos below was called The Restraints: Open and Hidden. Parks followed the lives of three families living in and around downtown Mobile, Alabama in 1956, and showed how they went about their daily routine in a town separated by race with children at their side. They were published in Life Magazine in September 1956. 

Only 20 of the photos were published in 1956 but 50 color transparencies were found in 2012. 40 of these are on display at the High Museum of Art Atlanta

Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks wasn't just a photographer but he also dabbling in writing, directing, and co-founded the magazine, Essence. He passed away at the age of 93 in 2006 and left behind a legacy of meaningful work.

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  1. Parks' work speaks so many volumes for the real world. What I mean by that is that I've long felt that his documentary photography was incredibly honest and forthright. What you see, is how it was. No staging, no pretenses, no apologies. Just like, as it was right then and there for one or more people, captured forever on film with the care of a skillful, wise eye.

    ♥ Jessica



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