AVN Has A New Blog Address

Okay so, yes these things keep happening to me, but no I will not stop blogging. AVN is here to stay! It seems I lost my .com and I am back to my original blog address which is http://avintagenerd.blogspot.com/

My .com was lost due to  miscommunication with godaddy.com I don't know if I will ever get another .com or .net but I sure hope so.

For now it stands as is. I don't know why these things keep happening to me. When I first got on the scene I called myself PinupMama. I didn't know what I was doing per say and wanted to go by a stage name of sorts but a month or two into things a store owner contacted me and told me that was the name of their store and it was copyrighted and therefore I had to take down my page. It has just been one thing after another since I began exploring the world of online writing and networking. I hope one day this all makes sense to me.

Until then I am plugging along. My beautiful design created by the talented Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage has been installed, I am completing my 365 blog challenge, and all the missing photos from my posts are slowly and painstakingly being placed back.

When these mishaps began to happen it would put fuel to my fire and I would fight back by doing better. These days my fatigue (due to my disability) and the caring for my house/children has been tuckering me out beyond belief. It is to the point where you just are too tired to cry about another mishap occurring.

So, A Vintage Nerd is here to stay! I have a heap of new things in store for the new year! I hope you keep returning to AVN and leave feeling like your read something fun or vital or inspiring.

Thank you for always supporting me and cheering me on!!!!!

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  1. Oh no, I'm very sorry that that happened to you, sweet dear. {{{Hugs!!!}}} I'm so happy though that it isn't going to stop you from blogging and that you're making the best of things. Still, lady luck has not been on your blogging side lately at all, has she? Goodness! Fingers crossed that 2015 goes infinitely smoother for you there!

    ♥ Jessica

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