Classic Cinema Spotlight: Batman (1966)

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Two weeks ago I accompanied my daughter to a friend's birthday party at a movie theater. To my delight the birthday boy chose the 1966 film Batman which is based on the popular television show. I was hooked on that show when I was a pre-teen and I had a mad crush on Robin (Burt Ward).

The campiness and fun of the show just kept me tuning in every chance I had. I never saw the film but was glad to see that it had everything the show had. There was just heaps and heaps of gooey cheesiness. Batman fighting off a unrealistic plastic looking shark in mid-air and everything the Penguin used as a weapon has a penguin on it. Just really unbelievable and impossible things happening but yet Batman always kept his seriousness when it came to apprehending the criminal mastermind.

All of Batman's (Adam West) foes show up in the film from Catwoman to the Joker. I felt like none of the actors in the film held back. You really see each actor's passion rise to the occasion and it was so nice to see that in a film.

The synopsis of the film is simple really, Batman has to figure out where a missing ship is and stop those behind its disappearance. Things go from bad to complicated and many lives are at risk as well as the state of world peace!

Batman 1966
Batman 1966
1966 Batman
Classic Batman

If you would like to see more about the film I found a great article HERE. Unfortunately the dvd is very hard to find but I am on the hunt for it. I think my boys would enjoy watching it as much as my daughter and I did. Technically this is the second classic film my daughter and I have watched together (the first being To Sir, With Love). Our third one will be coming soon when we go and watch White Christmas on the big screen!

Are you a fan of the classic Batman tv series? Did you end up with a crush on Robin too?


  1. Love it!!! This was one of my favourite TV shows (in rerun form) growing up. Me and my little brother used to love drawing scenes from it and eagerly hurried home to catch it after school on (the channel) YTV when we were little. To this day, Adam West is still Batman to me above all other actors who have played the Dark Knight.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Batman, specifically Adam West's version, was my first ever obsession as a child! And I ADORE this film to no end! I also love the TV show which recently bought on Blu-Ray, and have been meaning to showcase on my blog!

    As for a crush on Robin, no, I did not, mine was on Batman himself.




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