Movie Madness Monday: Desert Island

A Vintage Nerd

Being stranded on a desert island with Gilligan and the Skipper is far cry from the desert island themed films of yesteryear.  While on the island with Gilligan we can look forward to some quirky adventures and lots of slapstick comedy, in these films the adventures many times turn dangerous and deadly.

I don't why people enjoy films set on a desert island. Perhaps it is the mystery of not knowing where they are or hope for some romantic adventure. Either way they make me a little anxious. I think its the whole "not knowing where I am and I am surrounded by heaps of water that I cannot escape" type of situation that creeps me out.

Nevertheless, a film set with the air on unknowing, tropical breezes, and the possible attack from native islanders can make for a good adventure film. Some end happily ever after and some leave you with a feeling of dread. But the idea of being removed from everything you know and having to make due with a foreign climate can leave the characters in the story facing challenges that they either will or will not overcome. Gosh. I think films set on a desert island are actually quite daring!

And then there were none

Robinson Crusoe

Swiss Family Robinson

Lord of the Flies
Have you been able to see any of these films yet? Do you find films set on a desert island to be an intriguing background for characters to play in?

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  1. Fabulous selection!!! My little brother and I were both massive fans of Swiss Family Robinson when we were kids. We used to laugh until tears ran down our faces with each viewing during the scene where the family just can't seem to get rid of the pesky, encroaching pirates. :)

    ♥ Jessica