Movie Madness Monday: Time Traveling

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Time Machine (1960) is one of my favorite classic films. Although it is the film about the concept of time travel that I enjoy the most (aside from Back to the Future), there are others that are just as interesting to watch. Not all time travel films use an actual machine to travel in. Many travel through time via a dream or letting go of one consciousnesses. 

One of the films on this list is actually a short film made up of almost all still photos. La Jetee inspired the 1995 science fiction film 12 Monkeys and used several concepts from it.

I love the idea of traveling through time. Traveling period. One of my first tastes of traveling through worlds was in the film Explorers (1985). The kids in the film traveled through space and also in each other's dreams. I found that so thrilling and fascinating to watch. The concept blew my mind away. Then I caught wind of Doctor Who back in the early 1980's and the deal was sealed. I just find the idea of traveling through history and meeting with the past or seeing the future all so joyfully mind blogging. I love it! 

Here are a few interesting time traveling themed films including a classic from 1980, Somewhere in Time.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1949)

Bing Crosby

La Jetee

Time After Time

Somewhere In Time

I find most time traveling films to be almost bittersweet. There is a leaving behind or a a regret of decisions not made, but the idea of it all does sound fun doesn't it?

What time traveling themed films have you enjoyed? Have you ever been intrigued by the concept of traveling through time?


  1. Love time travel movies (and books, for that matter), with "The Time Machine" being at the top of my list! Among newer movies, I also really like "Kate and Leopold."

  2. Great roundup of time traveling flicks. I think that as vintage lovers who surround ourselves with so many elements of the past, most of us have spent our fair share of time daydreaming about what it would be like to actually step back in time to the decades we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts. I would only do so if my actions there truly wouldn't alter the course of the future in any way. Wouldn't want to accidentally trigger something that meant I was never born! :D

    ♥ Jessica



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