Thanksgivings of Yesteryear

A Vintage Nerd

Thanksgiving is a time to break bread and join together with your family and friends. Some things don't change, not even with the passing of time. Looking back, Americans have passed down the tradition of turkey and stuffing for many years. Hairstyles have changed but people today are still passing down the gravy to their children.

Here is a little peak into the Thanksgivings of Yesteryear:

1960s Thanksgiving
Past Thanksgiving
Vintage Thanksgiving
1960's Thanksgiving

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  1. Happy Holidays my dear. I hope your thanksgiving was filled with family and joy!

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. Oh thank you hun! I hope you did too!! xox

  2. What heartwarmingly darling images. I especially like the one of all the kids crowded around grandma as she pulls the bird from the oven. It reminds me of similar scenes at my own grandparent's house from when I (and my siblings and cousins) were little.

    I hope that you had a splendid holiday, dear Daffny!

    ♥ Jessica