Be Inspired: 1960's Christmas Dinner

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Today many of us are prepping for our special Christmas day dinner. Last month I shared some 1960's Christmastime inspiration and now I would like to share some savory 1960's Christmas dinner inspiration with you.

1960's Christmas
1960's Drinks
Retro Christmas
1960's Christmas Dinner
1960's Christmas

I have been looking into some cookbooks and would love to try out some 1960's recipes especially for next years holiday season. Have you ever tried out retro recipes and did it work out for you? Were you overjoyed with the results or disappointed?


  1. What a fun post! Brings back the memories that's for sure! I love vintage recipes and cookbooks, but don't usually find them to be that tasty:-)

    1. Thank you Anne! I plan to find out for myself! I found a great cookbook with 1960's recipes in it! Cannot wait to go through it and see if I can make something both nostalgic and tasty LOL xox

  2. Yummers! Can I please just sit down and tuck into everything pronto? These dishes remind me of many my grandma made (in the 80s/90s) during the festive season (in no small part because she was a busy wife and mom during the late 50s - 70s).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. These dinner food cuisine images are so much tempting. My friend is planning to arrange a lovely birthday party at one of the amazing event venue in couple of weeks. Food and drinks will be ordered online so mixed variety cuisines are also on hunt. Décor will be all DIY with buntings and sparkling stars all over.



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