Must See TV: Bomb Girls: Facing The Enemy

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Some of you may remember a few past posts that I wrote about the 1940's Canadian based show called Bomb Girls. I'm a big fan of the show as I know some of you are as well.

The show centers around the women who work for the munitions factories. The girls come from all walks of life but at the end of the day they strive to do their part for the war effort.

There are currently two seasons of this show (available on Netflix) and when the end of the second season came the powers that be decided to cancel the show. Many of the fans (including me) went on a campaign to try and save the show. We didn't get a third season but by golly we got a tv movie called Facing The Enemy (also available on Netflix).

Being a fan of all of the story lines and really loving all the characters I was a little weary of watching the tv movie. I was wrong to be concerned because it was everything I had hoped it would be. I can say without giving away the plot that all of the beloved characters story lines are addressed. They continued it beautifully from where the second season left off and although some scenes did feel a little rushed, I couldn't blame the writers because they had a heck of a lot to cover in just one movie.

Some parts are really sad and some really joyful. By the time you get to the last scenes you can almost imagine how each of them lived out their lives afterwards.

Bomb Girls
Bomb Girls
Bomb Girls
Bomb Girls
Bomb Girls

Are you a fan of Bomb Girls? Have you seen the film and if so, how did you like it? Do you feel that we don't have enough female driven shows on television?

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  1. A fan?
    Well, yes, dear - yes, I am. I adored the series. Now, I'll make sure to see the movie, too. THANKS for letting me know about it.


    1. I hope you do get to see it Marija!!! Yay-so glad you are a fan too! xox

  2. THERE'S A TV MOVIE?! I know what I'll be watching on Netflix this week.