Special Cinema Spotlight: Jersey Boys

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Oh, what a night! Late December, back in '63...there is no voice quite like Frankie Valli's. When I heard that the story of the Jersey Boys was going to be on Broadway I got so excited that I hinted at my husband for months to score tickets to the show. I am still waiting to see the show but then when the film version came out I figured I would check it out. I am still holding out for the Broadway show but anything The Four Seasons puts a smile on my face.

Who are Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons? Well, they were truly a very hip and happening 1960's band that make the kind of music that made your heart soar and feet tap. When they say they don't make them like that anymore, in many ways they are right.

The film Jersey Boys is loosely based on the story of how they became a band and how they ultimately disbanded. Not everything in the film is accurate and I do think some parts were exaggerated for film purposes. Bu you do get the gist and you do get to see some neat fashion and hear some timeless tunes.

Out of the four original band members, Nick Massi has passed on, Frank Valli still performs, Tommy DeVito is retired, and Bob Gaudio was at the forefront of getting this story to Broadway and no longer plays music.

There is something sweet, innocent, fresh, innovative, and vibrant about the music of the 1960's and the Four Seasons are a big part of that history.

Frankie Valli
Four Seasons
the Four Seasons

Have you heard of the Four Seasons? I am in love with their music. I told Santa I need a best of the Four Seasons cd asap! Let's hope he hears this vintage gals request.

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