The Evolution of the Oscar Dress

by - February 20, 2015

A Vintage Nerd

The Oscars. The yearly Hollywood award show that showcases the seemingly best of the best of the film industry. This year it will be hosted by our very own NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) who I am sure is going to make the three hour show more enjoyable than we expect. It airs on Sunday, February 22 on ABC and if you would like more information on it you can take a look HERE.

But before we put all our television sets and ipads on to watch the Oscars I wanted to share with you a glimpse at the evolution of the Oscar Dress. I found this great article that included all the woman who won the Best Actress Award since 1929. Some were hits and some did miss but either way I think its neat to be able to take a look back before the big day. I admire all the amazing beauty that can be found in the fashion especially from those of yesteryear.

History of Oscar Dresses
Best Actress Oscar Dress
Evolution of the Oscar Dress

I love these images! Go figure, my favorites are the ones from the 50's and early 60's. The 80's to me was a slew of horrible dresses but it was the 80's and I think that can be forgiven.

I cannot wait to see the dresses that will be worn during this next Oscar award show. If you would like to see the actresses in these dresses the images are in this article HERE.

Are you going to watch the Oscar award show? Are there any films or actors that you are rooting for? What were your favorite dresses that these Best Actress Oscar winners wore?

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  1. What awesome images! I've always been a big timeline fan in general and all the more so when fashion is involved. It's hard to pick a single favourite. Pretty much anything up to and including 1960 would be right up my style ally. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Late 40's through early 60's are my favorites. Some beautiful dresses.

  3. I love seeing these altogether like this - what a great image! I'm generally pretty uninterested in the Oscars truth be told - books are more mything than films... but I can't deny a pretty dress. I love the colour and classic shape of Grace Kelly's 1955 dress - but could that woman ever have done any wrong when it came to clothes?! CC x