Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Links To Love

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I always try and find great articles that were published in the same month to correlate with my links to love posts but this month I found a heap of really interesting articles that were published a few months or even a year ago. They were too good to pass up and not share and although I did find some neat ones for this month I hope you also like the other ones I found.

1920s Hairstyles

Chronically Vintage

Did you read any interesting vintage themed articles this past March? Which article on this post did you enjoy reading the most?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Downton Abbey's Final Season

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Did you hear? They have just announced that Season Six of Downton Abbey will be its last! The final season has already begun filming which you can read more about HERE.

Truthfully I wanted to bring this up to you because I wanted to know what you thought about it. As a writer myself  I know its possible for Julian Fellows (the shows head writer and creator) can bring this series well into the 1940's easily but because he has another show called The Gilded Age that he is working on he feels he cannot do both so he is canceling Downton Abbey.

In my opinion I feel like Season Five fell very flat and as beautiful as it was to look at there wasn't much heart and passion in it like the other seasons had. That could have been because of the lack of interest Fellows has in the show now.

Do you feel like now that Downton Abbey made a whole bunch of money and became this huge success that everyone is riding those coattails and trying to make the most of it? Or that it had its run and its time to go? Or perhaps the way shows are created today as only as a vehicle for big bucks and big opportunities?

Back in the 1980's and 90's a show's season would begin in September and go all the way through to May or June. Nowadays a show begins in October and ends in March and they call that a season. At least that is how it is working these days in the states.

I know things change and nothing lasts forever but how do you feel about Downton Abbey ending? What do you hope to happen to the characters you have grown to love? Are there other period themed shows that you enjoyed and wished were back on the small screen?

Monday, March 23, 2015

AVN Vintage Magazine Recommendations

A Vintage Nerd

Finding some modern reading on the past can be a tricky thing so today I would like to share with you four vintage magazine recommendations. They each offer something different and new but always with the love of the past in mind.

Vintage Magazines

These are just four magazines but I have my eye on a few more that I can recommend in another video at another time. I hope you like it. I did my video in my bedroom this time around to change things up a bit. Still trying to figure out the best lighting and best spot to do them. Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

Are there any vintage themed magazines that you love reading? Which are you favorites from this list?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Special Cinema Spotlight: Documentary: Advanced Style

A Vintage Nerd

When I heard about this documentary I was intrigued. A documentary about fashionable older women? I wanted to see if watching and listening to older women talk about fashion would inspire me or would it depress me.

First, I loved that this documentary was set in the heart of New York. Watching the ladies strut their stuff all over the city was divine to see. I have seen quite a few stylish older women in the city but many wear grey or black with their hair tied back and a scarf around their neck. Its nice but well, its boring. The women I saw in this film where out of this world. They weren't afraid of color, of mixing patterns, of loud pieces, or of wearing many of the same things all at once.

In a nut shell, did watching these ladies parade their fashionable selves all around inspire me or depress me? It inspired me absolutely.

Advanced Style

Their individual stories were captivating and interesting and their view of fashion was very, very refreshing. Many of them stated that fashion to them was like creating art but on themselves. I love that.

I would say technically I am entering quite possibly the middle years of my life. I still have young children but I am getting a bit older. Although I wear vintage whenever I can and I have been exploring my sense of style more and more because of my love for vintage, it sometimes is scary to think of experimenting too much. I think about what my children will think and its important to me that they can understand and appreciate why I do what I do.

For example, I still wear jeans but I am finding ways to add a bit of 60's to my jean outfits. I am lucky and proud to say my children think I look beautiful every time they see me put effort into my looks. They all appreciate it and I feel like I am teaching them to express themselves any way they can and have fun with what they are wearing all the while remembering to be comfortable, feel good, and take care of yourself. I don't emphasize overindulging with vanity but I do try encourage them to dress their best, and be the lady or gentlemen that they are. Dressing well used to mean something but these days it is questionable. I want my children to tap into that old fashioned idea that you should carry yourself well and with confidence and what you wear can help you with that.

Advanced Style

This film made me think about how my delving into vintage fashion has affected my family and how far I am willing to go to express my passions for the past.

The ladies in this film grasped something I am slowly beginning to and its something that age can gift us as we grow older. Not to care what others think, to enjoy the time we have by doing what we love, to keep being creative, and embrace your beauty at any age that you are.

What started out as a blog (Advanced Style) led blogger, Ari Seth Cohen to have a publish book and now this spectacular documentary where life and fashion are both celebrated beautifully and equally.

This documentary is available on Netflix via streamline and also on Amazon HERE.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Swanky 1960's Tupperware Parties

A Vintage Nerd

Lately I have been hankering for a Tupperware party. I remember attending one as a small child but that must have been the very early 1980's. What I want is to attend one of those swanky 1960's Tupperware parties where the hostess fixed drinks and party games for the attendees and of course we would have to wear our vintage best.

Alas these days women just don't gather as much in one room let alone to purchase plastic goods to keep their food fresh so my hankering will just have to be satisfied via images and video. But before I share more of that here is a brief history on Tupperware.

Earl Elias Tupper

Tupperware parties became all the rage beginning in 1958. The Tupperware Plastics Company was founded in 1938 by Earl Elias Tupper but it wasn't until he hired a woman by the name of Brownie Wise that his products became an overnight sensation.

It was Wise that introduced the idea to Tupper of selling his products to housewives in their homes and that was beginning of the Tupperware parties! She became the very frist woman to grace the cover of Business Weekly.  But the relationship between Wise and Tupper wouldn't last long as he fired her around 1958 and removed her name from everything that related to his company. He eventually sold his business for $16 million dollar, renounced his American citizenship, and moved to Costa Rica.

Brownie Wise

Both Tupper and Wise helped revolutionize how products are sold to the masses but how they could be done in a creative and fun way with the Tupperware parties. Not to mention it did help organize the refrigerator for housewives across the country.

1960's Tupperware Party

I know it's hard to remember a time before cell phones, the internet, and even cable tv, but what was a 1960's housewife to do in terms of socialization and entertainment? Tupperware parties were an absolute fantastic way for women to socialize and have a break from the daily grind of family life. It also gave some women who were known as the hostess, the opportunity to make a great deal of money. The 1960's was still struggling with women in the workplace and women were struggling with the idea of housewifery vs. being a career woman. I believe that struggle is still going on and that subject is just as delicate as it was 40-50 years ago.

1960's Tupperware Party

I love the idea of getting together with other women and swapping recipes, learning how to use a product in a hands on way, and having fun.

I found some great videos that could give you some insight on these neat Tupperware parties:

Have you ever attended a Tupperware Party? Do you use Tupperware products? Do you also like the idea of having a swanky 60's Tupperware Party?

Friday, March 13, 2015

1960's Groovy Slang Words

A Vintage Nerd

One of the fun parts of looking into the past is seeing how people lived. A part of how they lived is in how they spoke. Growing up mostly in the 1980's I used words like radical, cool, like omg, awesome, and excellent. When you look at the slang used you get a better insight to how people were communicating with each other. Call me a nerd (well I am) but I love how slang is used not just in the past but today as well and in other countires. I think its a hoot.

Here are some choice slang words that will transport you straight back to the hip and happening 60's:

A Gas: A Lot of Fun

Ankle Biter: A Baby or Small Child

Ape: Gone Wild

Bad: Awesome

Bag/Kipe: To Steal

Ball: To party. Later meaning Intercourse

Beat Feat: Leave in a hurry

Blast: A great time

Blitzed: Drunk

Bogart: To hog something

Book: Leave the area

Bread: Money

Bummed Out: Depressed

Cat: A guy

Choice: Something that is really cool

Chop: To cut down verbally

Cool Head: Nice Guy

1960s Teens

Copacetic: Everything is alright

Crash: Go to bed

Decked Out: Dressed up

Dig: Do you understand?

Dip Stick/Dork: What an idiot

Dude: A geek

Fab: Far out

Flake: Useless person

Fox: An outstanding looking girl/woman

Fuzz/Pig: Police

Gimme Some Skin: Shake hands

Groovy/Gone: Really cool

Hacked: Angry or disgusted

Hairy: Out of control

Jam: To leave the area

Jazzed: Excited or elated

Jesus Boots: Sandals

Later: Goodbye

Lay It On Me: Speak your peace

Loaded: Intoxicated

Make Out: Kissing session

Moon: Drop your pants

Neat/Nifty: Cool or nice

Old Lady: Your mother

Outta Sight: Fantastic

1960s Teens

Panty Waist: A mama's boy

Primo: First class

Pin: To look hard at someone

Primo: First class

Rags: Clothes

Rap: Talk

Right On: I agree

Scarf: Eat very fast

Scratch: Money

Skag: Ugly girl

Sosh: Someone who is snobby

Stuck Up: Conceited

Teach: A Teacher

The Most: Something that is amazing

Thongs: Something you wore on your feet like sandals

Twitchin: A word you used instead of Bitchin around your parents

Wet Willie: When someone puts their wet finger in your ear

Wicked: Term for admiration

Zits: Pimples or acne

Were there any words you were surprised to see on this list? Are there any that are a part of your everyday slang vocabulary that you weren't aware they started out in the 60's?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Must See TV: Call The Midwife: Season Four

A Vintage Nerd

I can honestly say Call the Midwife Season Four does not disappoint! After the main character of Jenny Lee (played by Jessica Raine) left the show at the end of Season Three I thought to myself, "Am I really going to enjoy the show without her?" I can tell you that Vanessa Redgrave who does the voice of the older Jenny Lee still introduces and concludes the show. I think still having that made it in a way that Nurse Jenny Lee never left.

This season is set in 1960 and it has the familiar faces of Chummy, Sister Julienne, Sister Evangelina, Trixie, Patsy, and Doctor Turner to name a few. There are two new nurses that come to live at the Nonnatus House house, Nurse Phyllis Crane and Nurse Barbara Gilbert.

It has already been picked up for a fifth season and I couldn't be happy. The stories are strong and moving and you don't feel the loss of Nurse Jenny Lee which I was grateful for. The hardest episode for me to watch so far has been episode three. Actually I have to say each episode has been really powerful. I applaud the writers for this show because they have not let the fans down.

Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife

Season Four will air in the spring in the U.S. on PBS and on PBS channel online for free. I will keep you posted on when it does.

Have you been watching Season Four of Call the Midwife? For those of you who haven't seen it yet, are you looking forward to it?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6 Useful Pinterest Overhaul Tips

A Vintage Nerd

I recently did an overhaul of my Pinterest boards and wanted to share with you a few tips that may help you organize your Pinterest.

1. Create a visual list of your boards like I did in the photos below. That way you can via pen and paper figure out where you want to switch boards, add boards, or rename boards. It made my overhaul so much easier to do.

2. Make a list of the boards that need some work on like in the photo above.

3. Since your boards are seen in rows of five, have a theme going so they can flow together.

4. Don't avoid your Pinterest for too long like I did. Add the Pinterest button onto your internet search engine, that way it will be easier to pin things to your boards.

5. Building your pins on your boards is like working on a house. There is always something to work on so just do it little by little. Maybe post some pins for 20 minutes everyday to start with.

6. Share your board links on your blog posts if you have a blog. That way your readers could be introduced to your Pinterest and also may find some new inspiration from some of your boards.

Pinterest Tips
A Vintage Nerd

I have finished reorganizing and renaming a few boards already. I also added a few new ones dedicated to WWI, the 1960's, and a few television shows. My next step in this overhaul process is to continue filling up my boards. I like having them teeming with inspirational photos.

What are some of your useful overhaul tips for Pinterest? Do you find inspiration on Pinterest? What are your favorite types of boards?

PS As I continue to work on placing my photos back into most of my posts I had a Pinterest button placed on each of my photos on the left hand corner. Feel free to share and pin whatever you like!

Monday, March 2, 2015

How To Care For Your Skin At Any Age

A Vintage Nerd

I hear people say that the best time to start taking care of your skin is when you enter your 30's. I actually believe that you should always tend your skin no matter your age. It's the largest organ we have and its the first thing people see.

In my latest video on my YouTube Channel I share you my tips on how to care for your skin. The tips stem mainly from personal experience and observation. Keep in mind everyone has different types of skin and genetics effect the way we age but if you care for your skin you give it a chance to be the best it can be.

I also share the products I use at the moment. I think you should always be open to trying out new products and its perfectly fine to have your skin regime shift and change.

No 7 Skin Products

I hope you like this video and find it helpful and informative. If there are any YouTube videos you would be interested in seeing, just let me know.

I also found a few interesting articles on tending to your skin. Enjoy!

10 Golden Rules For Everyday Skincare

Skin Care For Aging Skin

Beautiful Skin For Every Decade
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