1960's Groovy Slang Words

by - March 13, 2015

A Vintage Nerd

One of the fun parts of looking into the past is seeing how people lived. A part of how they lived is in how they spoke. Growing up mostly in the 1980's I used words like radical, cool, like omg, awesome, and excellent. When you look at the slang used you get a better insight to how people were communicating with each other. Call me a nerd (well I am) but I love how slang is used not just in the past but today as well and in other countires. I think its a hoot.

Here are some choice slang words that will transport you straight back to the hip and happening 60's:

A Gas: A Lot of Fun

Ankle Biter: A Baby or Small Child

Ape: Gone Wild

Bad: Awesome

Bag/Kipe: To Steal

Ball: To party. Later meaning Intercourse

Beat Feat: Leave in a hurry

Blast: A great time

Blitzed: Drunk

Bogart: To hog something

Book: Leave the area

Bread: Money

Bummed Out: Depressed

Cat: A guy

Choice: Something that is really cool

Chop: To cut down verbally

Cool Head: Nice Guy

1960s Teens

Copacetic: Everything is alright

Crash: Go to bed

Decked Out: Dressed up

Dig: Do you understand?

Dip Stick/Dork: What an idiot

Dude: A geek

Fab: Far out

Flake: Useless person

Fox: An outstanding looking girl/woman

Fuzz/Pig: Police

Gimme Some Skin: Shake hands

Groovy/Gone: Really cool

Hacked: Angry or disgusted

Hairy: Out of control

Jam: To leave the area

Jazzed: Excited or elated

Jesus Boots: Sandals

Later: Goodbye

Lay It On Me: Speak your peace

Loaded: Intoxicated

Make Out: Kissing session

Moon: Drop your pants

Neat/Nifty: Cool or nice

Old Lady: Your mother

Outta Sight: Fantastic

1960s Teens

Panty Waist: A mama's boy

Primo: First class

Pin: To look hard at someone

Primo: First class

Rags: Clothes

Rap: Talk

Right On: I agree

Scarf: Eat very fast

Scratch: Money

Skag: Ugly girl

Sosh: Someone who is snobby

Stuck Up: Conceited

Teach: A Teacher

The Most: Something that is amazing

Thongs: Something you wore on your feet like sandals

Twitchin: A word you used instead of Bitchin around your parents

Wet Willie: When someone puts their wet finger in your ear

Wicked: Term for admiration

Zits: Pimples or acne

Were there any words you were surprised to see on this list? Are there any that are a part of your everyday slang vocabulary that you weren't aware they started out in the 60's?

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  1. Right on! I dig the article, it was a blast. 😉

  2. Super fun post! A surprising number of these were in common use here in Canada (at least my corner of it) when I was growing up (80s/90s) and I still use some of them to this day, such as wicked, jazzed, niffy, dude, and (have a) blast.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Really cute post
    Retro rover